I am Kpo Kia Mama, aka CF Chai. Just a simple SG50 toddler’s mummy.

I was born as a Malaysian but been living in Singapore for almost all my life, thus although I am a ‘New Singaporean’, I love Singapore as much as most Singaporeans, or even more. My parents are not highly educated and my mother is a fearful overprotective mum. I do not agree with her parenting style but that’s not something for me to judge. Thanks to my social circles and various encounters, I decided to be a hands-off mum who will facilitate Kpo Kia to be as independent as possible. So far as I know, this seems to be working. Since all of Kpo Kia’s teachers feedback that she can be ‘over independent at times.

During my free days, I love traveling, photography, journaling, and irritating Kpo Kia.

If you see me, feel free to say “Hello!” to me~ I have super bad memories so I might not remember your name or at times, face, but I am definitely a friendly introvert who love to meet new friends and shares experiences with~

My humble photos were featured in:
  • A bread maker
  • Sewing Machine
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  • Kpo Kia Mama Tik Tok – She is the owner of her solo videos, she will decide how she want to be filmed, what music and stickers to include. My involvements are to vet through for sensitive content, including the captions she endorsed and hashtagged the videos.
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