I am Kpo Kia Mama, aka CF Chai. Just a simple SG50 toddler’s mummy.

I was born as a Malaysian but been living in Singapore for almost all my life, thus although I am a ‘New Singaporean’, I love Singapore as much as most Singaporeans, or even more. My parents are not highly educated and my mother is a fearful overprotective mum, but over the years, thanks to my social circles and various encounters, I decided that I will be a hands-off mum who will facilitate Kpo Kia to be as independent as possible. So far this seems to be working, I guess, since all the childcare teachers who are in charge of Kpo Kia’s class feedback that she is at times ‘over-independent’ =.=”

During my free days, I love traveling, photography, journaling, and irritates Kpo Kia.

If you see me, feel free to say “Hello!” to me~ I have super bad memories so I might not remember your name or at times, face, but I am definitely a friendly introvert who love to meet new friends and shares experiences with~

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