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Hari Raya @ Kiddomo Children’s innovation Centre

It’s been slightly over a year since Kpo Kia and Rena last met up.

Jas and I decided to have a playdate for them – at Johor Bahru Kiddomo Children’s innovation Centre~

Johor had changed quite a fair bit ever since I last went over… like… 7 years ago? R&F Mall is a new mall opened on Mar 2019, when we reached there, most of the stores are still under renovation or just had their soft launch – selling only a limited range of products.

There’s not much choice for breakfast, so we just roam around blindly in hope to find a Toastbox or Yakun style cafe, but one server was handing out leaflets outside this cafe – Routine, and it caught our eyes.

Since I already had my coffee and light breakfast prior to that, I didn’t order any food. Kpo Kia papa order a meal and we got the free cake through the breakfast promotion. It’s yummy!

Kpo Kia and Rena were initially very cautious when we first meet up, but after their warm-up exercise at the cafe, they now become BFF! =.=”

After eating, we proceed with our mission for the day – Kiddomo playdate!

There are a total of 11 experience stations in Kiddomo Discovery, let’s explore them one by one~

Kiddomo Heroes Station

We are supposed to take our own selfie, create a nickname and customized our own superhero avatar.

Discovery Station

Supposedly, we will be able to scan using the interactive scanners to discover many dinosaur species and find for hidden eggs inside the huge ball pool. Unfortunately, the machine is malfunction during the period when we were there. The kids are contented though and keep returning to this station, refusing to leave. 😛 The pool of balls are clean and filled up just to a nice level where the 2 & 3 years old can walk comfortably by themselves without support. Bigger kids love the area too~

Collection Station

In this station, we are supposed to use our body movements to collect as many balloons as we can! My result is not impressive but still got cheered!

Fitness Station

This station engaged the kids’ physical prowess as they traverse through the Musical Maze and collect galaxy stars on the Luna slider, or compete for the highest score on We Can Fly.

Kpo Kia love this station! She has been running up and down the slider, and even attempt to make the 1.79cm tall Kpo Kia papa to join her!

Power Ride Station

We didn’t get to ride the bikes as Kpo Kia can’t get on it so she kept herself quite away from this station, For bigger children, they will get to travel through different galaxies and ride through a magical journey on these interactive bikes.

Performing Station

Star in your own music video and take the world as your stage while you become the next superstar on the Performing Station.

Magic Station

Kpo Kia doesn’t know how to appreciate this game – we can battle the fearsome dragon with our magical wand. I am pretty bad at this game as well *blush*.

Creative Station

I was amazed when I first learnt what we can do at this station. Children can express their creativity and imagination by creating their own drawings and colorings, scanned and watch them comes (projected) alive on the wall! They can even print it out and form 3D craft, though we decided to save on that as it will likely soon be destroyed by Kpo Kia once we leave the center.

Kiddomo Cafe

Children and their guardians do not need to leave the center for food hunt even if they got hungry while playing, the Kiddomo Cafe allows the parents to chillax and treat the hungry stomach with a decent variety of food.

Baby Gym (Under 3 Years Old)

Children of all ages should have their fair share of fun. This specially designed area is suited for toddlers below the age of 3, but Kpo Kia actually enjoyed herself at the baby gym.

Pampering Zone

Kpo Kia papa LOVE this zone. He managed to steal some moments of rest while Kpo Kia was playing. It’s thoughtful of the center to have this area for the guardians to relax, with lots of charging point to charge their phone while guardians are recharging themselves 😛


While we were busy with our play, some staffs started walking around to tell the guardians and children that there is a slime making activity in the afternoon. This is our first time making slime ourselves, and Kpo Kia really enjoy herself!

Ticketing information

*Customers must purchase at least one Kiddomo ticket for their accompanying Babies and Senior Citizens to qualify for free entry

Contact Information
Kiddomo Discovery Johor Bahru
Phone: +6019-700 0957
Address: R&F Mall Johor Bahru #1-086b, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Kiddomo Universe Petaling Jaya
Phone: +6019-700 0957
Address: Lot T-328, Level 3, The Starling, No 6, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily

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