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Experience martial arts at Kali Majapahit

Kpo Kia and I were excited when Sis invite us to join her for a demo class with Kali Majapahit to experience martial arts!

Small corner with some tees for sales (I think…)
The Martial Art ranking
The dojo is small but clean and neat. The sun can shine into the dojo

Homegrown martial arts school Kali Majapahit is specialized in Southeast Asian martial arts and we will be attending the class in its second location in Singapore. Located in Upper Serangoon, the newly-built 750 square feet training hall also known as a ‘dojo’, aims to provide more personalized and targeted classes for its members.

This new dojo can accommodate up to 12 students and conduct a greater number of small classes, in line with existing safe distancing regulations.

During the 1-hour demo class, Instructor Ben gave us a brief introduction to the basic concept of Kali Majapahit’s teaching. He first understands what are our (mis)concept of Martial Arts, then he shared with us on what Martial Arts is really all about – beyond flying fists and Kungfu Panda kicking, we will also learn about coordination, respect, communication. He then makes us do a few exercises, in order to demonstrate his points.

Sharing with us on what is Kali Majapahit martial arts all about, Kpo Kia got distracted and round around when we first started the lesson
Demonstrating how we are supposed to move away from ‘attacks’
Demonstrating how we can carry on with ‘stick-fighting’

After the 1-hour demo class, Instructor Ben patiently corrected Kpo Kia on her posture, and let her help out in keeping the mini mats on the floor. Kpo Kia liked the martial art lesson so much that till today she keeps asking when will Yi-Yi bring her to attend the martial art class again.

About Kali Majapahit

Martial arts have traditionally been about personal wellness and growth, but this has taken a backseat in recent years with much focus being on competitions and fight events. Kali Majapahit aims to re-introduce these elements into martial arts again is at the core of their belief that martial arts should bring more than just self-defense skills, but also include personal development for one’s self-confidence, relationship building, as well as improving overall physical fitness.

Accessible for All

Most people have a common misconception that martial arts are made only for men. As such, Kali Majapahit’s programmes are designed for everyone regardless of gender or age. They aimed to let everyone enjoy and reap the benefits of learning martial arts, even for children as young as three years old.

What are the benefits of Kali Majapahit Martial Arts?

Kali Majapahit’s teaching concepts are comprehensive programs that are not only set to improve one’s health and fitness but also one’s life as a whole. This distinctive holistic approach is what makes this school stand out from the rest.

Kali Majapahit aimed to develop self-confidence and self-discipline, learn about respect for others, and enhancing fitness levels for its students. Their core system believes that health is the result of consciousness and lifestyle decisions. Some of the experienced instructors can even advise you on healthy dietary habits as well as how to adopt a well-balanced lifestyle.

Thank you Kali Majapahit (and Right Hook Communications) for having us on the demo class at their new dojo!

“1-2-3, KIA-I!” it is till later then I realized Instructor Ben is also the director of Kali Majapahit Singapore~

Kali Majapahit Upper Serangoon
767 Upper Serangoon Road, #01-05
Singapore 534635

Kali Majapahit Clarke Quay
43 Carpenter Street, #02-01
Singapore 059922

Phone: +65 6534 5254

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