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Restaurant Asia 2022, International Coffee & Tea Asia 2022, Café Asia 2022, and Sweet Bakes Asia 2022

MEDIA INVITATION As the COVID-19 situation stabilises in Singapore and the region, the F&B industry is fully geared to seek new opportunities and to carve new niches especially in the areas of food ingredients, supply chain, operations, manpower, and new business opportunities. Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) and Singapore-headquartered Conference …

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Product Review: Lucca Vudor – Comfortable leather shoes for ladies

Importance of shoes Shoes not only protect our feet from injuries but also help us to travel farther, be more expressive, and aid in overall health. A pair of fitting and comfortable shoes can help to correct our gait and improve our posture; while a pair of poorly fitted shoes …

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My COVID-19 experience log 我的新冠疫情备忘录

On Wednesday 9th March, Kpo Kia told us her “throat is very painful”. Feeling panic knowing so many friends infected with COVID, I make the family took Antigen Rapid Test (ART) together.  Was glad to see that we are all negative!~ Can’t wait for the school holiday to start so …


Happy Lunar New Year!

祝大家虎年快乐! 虎年大吉! 龙精虎猛! 如虎添翼! 虎虎生威! 因为疫情的关系,今年大家还是没法好好的庆祝。曾想说我小时因为家在新加坡,亲戚都在马来西亚,很少有机会和堂表兄弟姐妹们一起玩耍;而且因为父母“迟婚”,堂兄弟姐妹们都比我们年纪大好几岁,比较没共同的喜好。 以为Kpo Kia的堂表兄弟姐妹们年纪差不多,可以多见面一起玩耍,可惜人算不如天算。。。 希望疫情可以快点受控制,这样大家才可以恢复以往的关系。