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Café Asia 2018, the International Coffee & Tea Industry Expo 2018, and Sweets and Bakes Asia 2018

Café Asia 2018, the International Coffee & Tea (ICT) Industry Expo 2018, and Sweets and Bakes Asia (SBA) 2018 has been concurrently offer a one-stop convenient sourcing hub for the food and beverage industry since 2013.

Café Asia has been featuring distributors and suppliers of equipment, machinery, accessories, and other products for coffee and tea businesses; while ICT presented the upstream sector of the coffee and tea industries to offer a complete showcase of supplies such as raw coffee beans and tea leaves, to processing and packing services for wholesale purchases and trading.

A key highlight of the show in 2018 includes the gathering of coffee industry experts at the inaugural ASEAN Coffee Symposium 2018. The symposium presented and discussed important issues faced by the industry, including:

  • thought-provoking topics such as role of women in coffee, 
  • social enterprise and sustainability of coffee in a changing climate, and 
  • how financial institutions can ensure a sustainable and traceable coffee supply chain to help small-scale coffee farmers. 
Photos Credit:  CEMS Conference & Exhibition Management Services Pte Ltd

The panel discussion will be led by Mr Victor Mah, President, ASEAN Coffee Federation & Singapore Coffee Association and include key members of the ASEAN Coffee Federation.

Feel glad to be invited to the event as the event give me the opportunity to keep up with the latest trends and innovations in the café industry, from nitro cold brews to siphon coffees, tea pairings to visually delightful desserts.

Was especially excited that I will get to meet international experts – renowned cake designer Molly Eleonora Coppini so up close and personal during the Cake Decoration Demonstration session conducted by her. Although her English is not good, she is very willing to answer any queries through her translator. This charismatic lady is so skilled and friendly, no doubt a lot of people will be more than happy to attend her classes.

Molly is definitely a fun loving lady whom I will be glad to took lessons from.


Coconut coffee from Cong Caphe
First glance at Cong Caphe, my first impression is – this is so army-like… almost everything is in army green color. Then a few wordings capture my eyes – Signature Coconut Coffee. I was wondering how does a coconut-flavour ice cream taste, thus decided to stop by to request for a sample cup of it. The gentleman attending the booth give us an apologetic look and inform us that we need to wait for a while, while his fellow colleagues are preparing for the drink. Soon a gentleman pour a small serving of coffee into a few cups, but these are not served. Just as I was about to ask, another gentleman took a blender of ‘something’ over and slowly scope them into the cups so the ”coconut” ice cream is not referring to the flavoring but coconut ice shake! Love the refreshing taste of coconut shake and that it didn’t overpowered the coffee aroma. Did a simple google check and realised that Cong Caphe has been around since 2007 and their coocnut coffee is one of the highly recommended drink when you visit Vietnam!

Photos Credit:  CEMS Conference & Exhibition Management Services Pte Ltd

Celebration from Premier’s Tea Limited
Premier’s Tea Limited was founded in December 1988, and offers a wide range of black tea products. Among them I love Celebration most. It is a blend of Indian high grown black tea and processed with soothing & sweet fruit flavour. The Magic Tea Wand packaging is especially convenient for lazy me as I can use the tea wand directly as a stirrer and one less item to wash after I enjoy my tea break.

Java Monk from Supresso
Suppresso Coffee is produced by a passionate coffee roaster located in Indonesia, and has established for over 35 years. If you do not fancy acidic coffee, you might like to Java Monk and Lampung.
Other then their premium coffee range, they are bringing other range of coffee range so that more coffee lover can enjoy quality coffee.

There are other interesting products in the exhibition, but too bad I need to rush home to make the Kpo Kia take her nap, thus have to leave. Look forward to next year~

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