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Family trip on Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas (Part 4)

Day 3

Sunday! Time really flies when we are traveling and having fun~

As usual, we start our day with a breakfast at Main Dining Room… like the feeling as if we are enjoying ‘fine dining’ breakfast everyday, with no worries that servers will give us the disgust look whenever Kpo Kia messed up the place with her food (really appreciate they still can put on a smile regardless of how chaotic Kpo Kia have messed up their morning). But then again, haha, with the price we paid for the trip, I believe it’s not too much to ask for high standard of service on the cruise. 😛

Looks like a chicken to me, with the 2 egg yolks like the eyes 😛

Simple breakfast as we have really tasted almost everything (we are interested to eat) from the breakfast menu by now

After our breakfast, we had initially wanted to attend the Origami Class at Schooner Bar, but apparently we reached there too late,thus we only get to see a short few minutes of the last demonstration…. Thanks to the whiny Kpo Kia who decided to make a poo cake for us, set us on first level emergency to rush her back to our room to change her diaper. =.=” But I really got to admit that my friend’s recommendation to bring a young kid to cruise for tour is a good idea, the ‘changing room'(our room!) is always just a lift (and some walking) away.

View from the Schooner Bar

It’s so crowded we didn’t even have a proper seat, so I walk around to take photos instead

Just a bit more of exploring on the cruise and it’s lunch time again, OMG! FAT DIE ME!~

I think the terrible two kicks in much earlier than we expected, we got a whiny baby again while waiting for our lunch to be served. 🙁

Can’t remember what’s the reason, but Kpo Kia throw tantrum AGAIN! But she broke into laughter soon after her lunch is served

His lunch

My lunch

Our dessert

After lunch, we routinely went for our explore session, follow by nap and then swimming session.

We wanted to attend the “Captain Farewell Speech” at Royal Promenade Bridge (Deck 5) before our dinner, but after some wait, we only get to drink some champagne and experienced a great singing performance… WHERE is the Captain??

Last night of feasting… means we shall not be reserved about pigging ourselves…. but I think Kpo Kia ate more than us, she actually had 2 plates of fruit platters and ended up with 2 serving of agar agar

Our dinner… I can’t believed I actually ordered 3x desserts!!

The Captain night performance… Opps, just realised I haven’t uploaded the video :X

After dinner, we are glad to find the “relative” of Kpo Kia Papa in our room! Did I mentioned you will find a new piece of towel art in your room everyday after the staff clean up our room? Of course, it got destroy not too long after I managed to take a few pictures of it…

Someone enjoying herself with the mirror in the room. She has been performing to herself for the past few days.

Took a short rest and it’s time for the Farewell Showtime at The Savoy Theatre! By now I am quite convinced that Kpo Kia will auto adjusted herself to give her amazing attention span on the show in the cruise. This show didn’t failed us as well, she enjoyed it and is seen clapping hands every now and then, I strongly believe she love handsome performers than his performance thought.

The final show of the day and the trip got to be the Farewell All Request Night with DJ Savio. We were like having a open party on the cruise, with some singing and dancing along with the performers. This is the moment when I envy those staying in the Promenade Stateroom, as they get to enjoy the show at the comfort in their room, while the rest of us, need to stand. The performance started from 10.30pm but Kpo Kia got tired shortly after, so we have to head off back to our room.

We decided to take a short detour on the way back to the room…This pools looks beautiful at night!

Once we settled Kpo Kia, we need to start packing and get prepared to depart the cruise by 8.50am on the next day!!

Day 4
Monday is double blue when it’s time to go back!

I wake up earlier than normal in attempt to take photos of sunrise but it seems to be too cloudy for me to spot the “egg yolk” T_T

The morning wind is very cooling and I feel so peaceful then. Pity Kpo Kia is asleep and Kpo Kia Papa need to accompany he (to sleep) and can’t join me.

We then have our last breakfast on the cruise and prepare to go home…

Yes, my 2 beloved ones are not tired of the same food everyday…

The omelette does not looks as presentable as I expected but the taste is still acceptable.

We only managed to go back the room for  a short 15 minutes clean up and off we go to prepare for the landing back to Singapore!

Savoy Theater looks so quiet without the crowd (yet)… we are the first few kiasu one to go into the Theater for a seat.

The staffs are (almost) clear in their instructions and is able to answer our queries without problem. Everything is pretty organised and we got off the cruise without much hassle.

Collection of baggage… identify where to collect them based on the baggage tag we received the day before.

The short 4 days get away ended so fast!! I certainly miss the services and would love to welcome the chance to come back again when Kpo Kia is bigger. Just in case you are not aware, the cruise provide free program for kids from 3 to 11 years old. Kids from 3 to 5 years old can participate in the Aquanauts programme, kids from 6 to 8 years old can join in the Explorers programme, and kids from 9 to 11 years old can take part in the Voyagers programme. Kpo Kia is too young to join any of them 🙁 Look forward to the next trip, hopefully by then she will be able to engaged herself with the free programmes and we will got some ‘me time’ without her.

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