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Family trip on Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas (Part 3)

Day 2
It’s Saturday!
Did you noticed that the day of the week is reflected inside the lift? I guess it’s a reminder for people like me who somehow get lost in time without connection to the outside world. We were sort of relieve to have this short digital detox for some reason.

Ever since the “not-so-relax” experience in Windjammer, we decided that Main dining room (Rhapsody in Blue@Deck3) will be a better place for meals with Kpo Kia. We are fine with limited choice of food, but with Kpo Kia along, we just want to eat at a rest and relax pace. Here we will get a comfortable seating, without pressure to give out our seats, and the servers are friendly, or at least polite.


Her simple breakfast.


Was a bit shock to see ‘french toast’ cooked this way, but it’s a different taste all together

Our after breakfast activity is definitely DreamWorks® Appearance featuring Po from Kung Fu Panda at Lotus Lounge!~

There’s no signage or whatever to indicate where to queue so most of us are quite lost, Kpo Kia is feeling restless sitting down waiting, and at some point in time we wonder if we are waiting at the wrong location.

A long queue is quickly formed when a cruise staff appeared to inform us that Po is appearing. But the staffs are obviously very experienced and organised and the queue cleared as fast as it can, each guest is expected to get their photo taken in a minute or two and they politely intercept other guests who attempted to cut queue. Thumbs up for that!

Kpo Kia is both curious yet fearful of the huge “Panda” beside her…

After the photo session, we went back to the room to get changed and have a bit of later morning exercise before we get our lunch.

Love the towel origami!

Was a bit disappointed as they don’t have a baby pool for young kids. The common pool open out for kids are.. erhmmm… deep enough to drown then 1.57cm short me.

All children are expected to wear the kid’s size safety suit, Kpo Kia is confined in a small corner as the other pools have too many kids and she can’t play freely there.

After the morning exercise, we continue to pig ourselves back at the Main Dining Room again~
We make up our mind that we will just stick to here for all our core dining.


There’s so many choice of food and Kpo Kia certainly enjoying the porridge most with her favourite broccoli and carrot.


She love passing by the casino to the other side of cruise as there are a lot of ‘bling bling’ at the entrance!

We didn’t go down during the landing period as we are not very interested in queuing up to get on and off the cruise for Klang… so we stay on the cruise to maximised the stay by walking around and explore as much as we can. One great benefit of staying on cruise is, Kpo Kia get her daily afternoon nap without fail, she can easily nap for 1 to 2 hours, or maybe even longer if not for us wanting to walk around the cruise.

For some reason, it is so much easier to make her nap on the cruise than at home during weekends. Guess the cool aircon and comfortable soft bed helps. After her nap, we went up to the Pool Deck for the DreamWorks® Dance Party. It was raining prior to that and we were quite worry that the party will be cancelled, but luckily for us, it proceed as planned and we get to have some dancing session with Princess Fiona from Shrek films.


Papa needs to carry Kpo Kia in order for her to see what is happening… she attempted to dance but is too slow in her movements, LOL!


Soon it’s dinner time again, haha, as usual, Kpo Kia papa and Kpo Kia ate a lot of bread before they started the main course! OMG! How much weight do I need to gain during this trip??!!!

We had wanted to watch Movie On the Big Screen: “Beauty and the Beast” at the Pool Deck but it started to rain again. So we went back indoor and roam around aimlessly again to wait for the next showtime.

Roaming around while waiting for the show.

It took a bit of time for the directionless couple to find the The Savoy Theatre which is hosting the Production Show time… we didn’t quite know what to expect initially.

Once again, we were surprised that Kpo Kia was pretty engaged throughout the performance, she did show sign of restlessness towards the end of the show but overall, we can see that she quite enjoy herself… Haha, she is a big fan of music and dance performance, I guess with handsome and pretty performers help~

After the show, we decided to bring Kpo Kia explorer the cruise again, although we passed by a few facilities, we didn’t actually entered those room to explore, so now is explore time! Kpo Kia is having great fun to make us run around chasing after her. =.=”

We also went to the Skylight Chapel that is located on top of the Viking Crown Lounge at Deck 15, it can accommodate 40 people and can be used to host wedding ceremonies.

Our final stop before we call it a day is to drop by the Mariner Library at Deck 7, it’s quite a quiet and cosy area before Kpo Kia appearance. We might actually sit down to get a book and read if we were on board without her 😛

Someone pretending to be reading…

Time flies…. our second day on the trip just flies by as well.

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