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Pizza Making with Collin’s Junior Chefs workshop

And somehow I got to know about this pizza making workshop from friend L, and is happy to know Kpo Kia falls into the age limit – Kpo Kia is underaged for most of the activities my friends’ kiddo joined…. Continue Reading →

Lucky by Jason Mraz

Feel grateful to have you by my side all these while although you annoyed me quite a lot at times. Our march-in song on the special day. <3 Lucky by Jason Mraz Do you hear me, I’m talking to you… Continue Reading →

Family trip on Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas (Part 4)

Day 3 Sunday! Time really flies when we are traveling and having fun~ As usual, we start our day with a breakfast at Main Dining Room… like the feeling as if we are enjoying ‘fine dining’ breakfast everyday, with no… Continue Reading →

Family trip on Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas (Part 3)

Day 2 It’s Saturday! Did you noticed that the day of the week is reflected inside the lift? I guess it’s a reminder for people like me who somehow get lost in time without connection to the outside world. We… Continue Reading →

Family trip on Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas (Part 2)

Day 1After some queuing we finally got on the cruise. Since our room is expected to be ready around 2pm, so we went for our lunch. Prior to that, we decide to ‘tour’ around the cruise for all the dining… Continue Reading →

Have a blissful marriage~

And so our not-so-little little brother finally got married. Wishing that you two have an amazing life ahead!

Family trip on Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas (Part 1)

And so we run out of ideas on what to get for each other – on our 3rd year of wedding anniversary??! Seems like we already got almost everything we need for our life, or maybe we just cannot afford… Continue Reading →

Exercise Time: Income Eco Run 2017

I have stopped attending running event ever since I got pregnant.After Kpo Kia is popped, I have been contemplating if I should, or rather, if I can, attend anymore running event. After some calculation on timing + “negotiation” with Kpo Kia… Continue Reading →

Last day of Lunar Chinese New Year 2017

初十五。 元宵节。 吃汤圆,庆团圆。 时间过得好快,没有借口再无忌肆地大吃大喝了。。。是时候减肥了。。。年纪不小的我,有办法成功吗?

Quote of the day: The moment

The moment a child is birth, the mother is also born.She never exist before.The woman existed, but the mother, never.A mother is something absolutely new. – Rajneesh Attacked by kpo kia, and mama have no complaint =.=”

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