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Happy 2nd, Kpo Kia!

Time flies by so much in a blink with Kpo Kia around.

It’s her 2nd birthday and it’s our brain cell killing time.
In order to simplify the planning and coordinating, we decided to host 2 separate celebrations for both side parents.
And despite me whining that it’s a bit silly for kids to host birthday celebration in childcare at such a young age, we sort of give in to the “peer pressure” in case she felt left out (as if she knows and care). This means kpo kia have 3 celebrations for her 2nd birthday!

We had 2 rounds of birthday celebration on the Sunday before her birthday. She give a blank look during the song singing session, but enjoy the cake happily after that.

For childcare centre celebration, we have to shop a bit more for the goodie bags. Thanks to procastination, we were busy shopping for the items the night before her birthday. We didn’t buy fanciful presents since we feel that there are limited age appropriate stuffs for 2 years old kids, and I believe some parents (like me) don’t like their kids to indulge in unhealthy snacks.

For whatever reason, the centre told us that the celebration can only be hosted during teabreak time so by the time we fetch kpo kia out of the centre, it’s almost 4.30pm. But we are glad that we managed to steal some time in between to address any concern we have regarding kpo kia. Communication between parents and teachers is very important and I believe parents, although they can have doubt on teachers’ feedback, must always open to sharing from teachers and observed their own kids to validate those messages.

After the cake cutting session in school, we brought her out to celebrate her birthday. And the first stop is Tickle Tickle @ Hougang Sports Hall – an indoor playground to play. Perhaps because it’s a Friday afternoon, there’s not much kids in the playground, and she get to enjoy the whole place for herself~

Kpo Kia papa was not feeling well, thus we decide to go for a ‘quick’ dinner and call it for a day. We went to Quentin’s Eurasian Restaurant after reading that it have a indoor play area with a ball pool, a mini library, ride-on vehicles, and a mini slide which are good for children ages 2-9 years old.

To be frank, the choice of food is limited due to my diet restriction. Find the Pastéis de Bacalhau a bit too fish smell for my liking, Kpo Kia totally rejected it *hurt* probably due to the same reason. Porku Semur on the other hand is well accepted by her, and she ate quite a fair bit of them. We also order the home made traditional Eurasian sugee cakes which is made of butter, almonds and semolina flour, and topped with marzipan and laced with fondant icing.

Love the ambiance n the restaurant regardless, the performers of the live band are cheerful and friendly, even dedicate a song for Kpo Kia. Kpo Kia is also having a great time in the play area, she keep going back to the area even without us. By the time we on our way home, she is already snoring like a snorlax~

Happy 2nd Birthday, Kpo Kia!

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