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Family trip on Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas (Part 2)

Day 1
After some queuing we finally got on the cruise. Since our room is expected to be ready around 2pm, so we went for our lunch. Prior to that, we decide to ‘tour’ around the cruise for all the dining place before we settle down since it’s still ‘early’.

We first went to the Main Dining Room and saw some food nicely lay out on the table. Seem like food is ready for some special ‘passenger’ but not for general passenger for us. Regardless, Kpo Kia had a great time running around the restaurant. The servers are kind enough not to stop us from roaming around, probably also thanks to the fact that Kpo Kia did not try to mess up the place nor scream and make noise in the place.

The ‘legendary Main Dining Room. Apparently, the higher deck you stayed in, the higher floor you will be allocated for in this dinning area.

Someone enjoying herself exploring the Main Dining Room

After spending an unexpectedly long time taking photos and walk around the Main Dining area, we decided to catch our lunch at Windjammer as Kpo Kia looks hungry, there is a wide choice of food and we were wow by the varieties. Only thing is… the place is extremely cramped with loads of passengers and luggage. We managed to get a seat after walking around the restaurant for a few rounds, and is pressurized to leave as soon as we are done so that the rest of passengers can have a seat.

So many people!

We went back to our room and fortunately, it’s already clean up and we can have our routine photo taking session (with a little monkey running around attempting to mess up the room) before we took a rest and check on the available activities for the day. I remembered the first time Kpo Kia papa and I took a cruise, we are totally clueless on what to expect and thus missed out a lot of activities on the first day, what a waste! This time round, we are more prepare and quickly identified activities that interest us and plan our schedule for the day.

The facility in the room is comfortably bigger compare to our last cruise trip on another cruise 

We first make Kpo Kia took her afternoon nap and Kpo Kia papa and I took turns to go out to explore the ship. After Kpo Kia wake up, we watch a bit of TV and go for our early 5.30pm dinner at the Main Dinning Room.

The food selection is decent and we are shared the table with another room of passengers. For the rest of the trip, we will be having dinner at the same table and seated with the same batch of passengers. Although the standard serving is an appetizer, main course and a dessert, we can request for more serving of same or different type of food, the servers are friendly and cheerful, and makes our dinner an enjoyable one.

Feasting like nobody business, the food is quite decent although there are some that looks better than taste. Love the scallop!

Love the spacious open area. It’s especially quiet during night time.

After our feast, we went back to our room and dress for the show “Ice under the big top”. Initially we were a bit worry that Kpo Kia will not appreciate the show and will whine and make noise, but surprisingly, she was almost quiet the whole show, with only occasionally standing up with her jaw drop expression saying ‘Wow’ softly, or happily clapping her hands. She was so amaze and amused at the performance, and it makes us so relieve~

While waiting… let’s take a wefie! But she decided to give us a blank stare instead =.=”

I think she is more engross in the show than me… Haha.

After the show, we went back to the room as it is a bit late, and the cruise compass for the next day is already neatly on our bed. Wow, the cruise staff seems to know that we have gone for the show and managed to tidy up our messy room within the short period! *Impressed*

We quickly identify the possible activities we can take part and lights off~ time to sleep!

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