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Family trip on Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas (Part 1)

And so we run out of ideas on what to get for each other – on our 3rd year of wedding anniversary??! Seems like we already got almost everything we need for our life, or maybe we just cannot afford whatever our wants.

I have been asking for family trip (again) before Kpo Kia turns 2, and since we chanced by this Royal Caribbean 10 years celebration which offers $10 Kids Fare promotion, we decided to get the deal and cruise on~

As usual, we do things very impromptu, including this promotion, we queued for a good 3 hours to get the deals before realising:

  • We can have the exact same deals on $10 kids fare promotion (minus off the one and only roadshow freebie we got – a night bag that we never get to use) via the Royal Caribbean website
  • We might even get a cheaper deals via other tour agency

Somethings we learned: Children do not have special fare rate, even infants.

Few years back Kpo Kia papa and I went on our first Cruise trip on SuperStar Virgo, but due to the lack of research before we board the cruise, we missed out a lot on what to do and even where to eat. So this time round, we decided to do a bit more.

Before the trip
Before the cruise, we read up some blogs and reviews on the facilities and activities on  the cruise.

And so we agree to that:

  • We shall not get down the cruise to land
  • We should try out the main dining 
  • We shall go for early dinner so we can their daily evening night performance early!
  • We shall bring Kpo Kia to swim at least once a day.
  • We do not need to bring food to cook for Kpo Kia and she shall enjoy her feasts on the cruise to make her ticket price worthwhile!~

We did a online check-in and printed out the boarding pass and luggage tag after reading review that check-in process is a breeze if we do so. And for whatever reasons, guests needs to complete online check-in no later than 3 days prior to the cruise.

Traveling to Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore
You can choose to travel to Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore via public transport or driving:
East West Line (Green line) + Bus
You can board train along the East-West Line and alight at Tanjong Pagar Station (Exit C). Board bus 402 at bus stop, near International Plaza (03223). Alight at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore

Downtown Line (Blue line) + Bus
You can board train along the Downtown Line alight at Downtown Station (Exit C).  Board bus 402 Marina Bay Financial Centre (03391).  Alight at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore

North South Line (Red line)
You can board train along the North-South Line towards Marina Bay Station and alight at Marina South Pier Station. Walk 600m alongside the sheltered linkway to Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore – however, there’s an unsheltered part from the walkway to MBCC, so be prepared to get wet or toasted if you did not bring along an umbrella.

We decided to take a Grab service (almost $22) to Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore from Sengkang. If not for and the 2 BIG LUGGAGES + backpacks full of her stuff, we might have choose another option.

Guest from different decks will have their own designated check-in time, presumably for crowd control. Was told that you can choose to check in later since the rooms are only ready around 2pm, but since we can enjoy the lunch on board after 11am and we wanted to earn as much time as possible to explore around the cruise, we decided to be there on-time.

The check-in process works like this:

  1. Check-in luggage should be deposit near the ‘drop off point’ at the entrance of the building
  2. Join queue with carry-on baggage for scanning
  3. Join queue at the check-in counter to get SeaPass (our ‘identity card’ cum room access card) and a color card
  4. You will be called in batches based on your color card to join queue at the immigration counter to stamp passport
  5. After that, you can board the cruise~

At the entrance of the cruise, there is a table that give out tags to allow passengers age 3-12. It seems like some sort of trackers that allows the parents to track their kids on board in case they lost their way. I wanted to take one for Kpo kia but was ‘politely reject’, told that it’s only for children ages 3 and above.

I guessed they assume parents will not let kids below three to roam around, but… well… at least it’s true for us.

Read more about the trip on:

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