Was sharing with weirdo friends on some “interesting encounters” with Kpo Kia which really freak me out, so might as well share here with all, on the Lunar July.

Common sight below HDB during Chinese Lunar July

Incident 1
During our family tour in April, and my parents are staying next room beside us. In the middle of the night, Miss Kpo Kia suddenly point to the wall between our room and my parents’ room and called out ‘Jie jie!’… she totally know how to call my parents ‘Gong gong’ and ‘Po po’, only the two of them are staying in that room.

Kpo Kia Papa suggest that Kpo Kia might remember that earlier on when we all gathered at my parent’s room, my bro’s girlfriend, whom she called ‘Jie jie’ is in that room as well.

Incident 2
We were passing by the pavement towards our flat and as usual, Kpo Kia refused to hold my hand, so I will walk a few steps in front of her to ‘motivate’ her to walk forward (else she will just wonder everywhere). When I turned my head, my heart really got a shock of my life… Kpo Kia squeal down and blow the ‘candle’ along the roadside like a birthday cake candle. Those are offering candles burnt for the descents, probably from the nearby funeral.

Incident 3
Since it’s lunar July, and I want to avoid scenarios like Incident #2, I decided to “grab” back home to minimised the horror story. But once we got down from our justgrab vehicle, Kpo Kia keep pulling me and say she wants to ‘mum mum’, pointing to the void deck of my block. There are a lot of food ‘available’ on the table as there is a funeral….

Sometimes… kids can really freak us out… Share with me if you have any such encounters so I can update my lists~