New Zealand: Hūnua Ranges Regional Park

Enjoy traveling. Because it expand one’s horizon.

Enjoy taking photos. Because it keep memories.
A and S decided to go Hūnua Ranges Regional Park last Sunday for a hiking and photo taking session and they invited me along, since I have not been going around New Zealand enough so I tagged along gladly~  ^_^
About Hūnua Ranges
Hūnua Ranges are home to Auckland’s only mainland population of one of it’s rarest birds – the kōkako – and is a refuge for the native Hochstetter’s frog. Māori Used the hills and forest of the Hūnua Ranges primarily as a source of food and timber, and as a refuge rather than for permanent residence.
From around 1870 parts of the forest were cleared for farming and for timber, but farming was always a marginal activities here.
However, the Hūnua Falls have been a popular attraction for Aucklanders since Victorian times, when they were known as the “Wairoa Falls” and visitors travelled by steamer to Clevedon and took day trip to the falls.
Getting there
Travel south on SH1 and take the Papakura exit. Follow Beach Road across Great South Road and along Settlement Road. Turn right by Edmund Hillary School into Hūnua Road. Follow Hūnua Road through the Hūnua Gorge to the Hūnua Village.
Hūnua Falls
For some reason we only managed to walked around the Hūnua Falls Loop Walk track 🙂
Feeling lost…


Danger! Be careful near the waterfall, according to J, a few drown themselves to death here previously


Looking at the waterfall, we can’t help but feeling so small in front of mother nature


Water fall, water flow…


Grandfather and granddaughter bonding time, admiring the nature


Despite the motto “Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints.”, some people just prefer to leave their name as well…

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  1. Pretty place~

  2. I only covered a small portion of the park. Come New Zealand and we can explore the whole place together! 😛

  3. i no $ to go NZ….

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