Travel Time: Eagle Ranch Resort

No, I have never been to Eagle Ranch Resort before.
This is just one of my travel research post, since I’ve been discussing with Kpo Kia Papa on traveling but have been procrastinating, so I decided to ‘log’ down the information about different travel destinations and accommodation for ease of my next travel plan.

What to look for in a holiday?

Although I have been traveling every now and then, I have never been to a themed  hotel/resort before. Looking at photos of friends’ staying at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort is real tempting but unfortunately Kpo Kia Papa is not a fan of LEGO so it’s not in our consideration (till Kpo Kia is older)… And guess what? I happened to get to know that there’s a Eagle Ranch Resort at Port Dickson with an unique cowboy western theme!

Image credit: Eagle Ranch Resort website

According to their official site, Eagle Ranch Resort is “where you escape from reality and ride on the wings of American mid-western fantasy of swash-buckling cowboys, galloping horses, grazing pastures and log cabins, adapted to the functionality of the Malaysian warmth in service and thoughtful hospitality.” One will be surrounded by west cowboy environment that will make him wanna go yee-haw when walked out the door. Set in 32-acre off the beaches of Port Dickson, the ranch is packed with cool surroundings, sights and activities. Did a quick scan online and saw tons of eagle ranch resort online promotions on Traveloka Malaysia… OMG, it’s just so tempting to click on ‘Book now’!

Let’s read on to see how this beautiful place comes to attract my attention and how it got to my “Place To Stay” list.

Accommodation – Giddy up!

Curious of how an American cowboy western themed resort will look like? Just some painting of wooden houses and teepees and what most will imagine what all they’ll get. WRONG! They have freakin’ teepees, man! OMG!! It feel so cool just by looking at the photos of teepees and the log cabins!

Image credit: Eagle Ranch Resort website
If the photo is bluffing me, then it’s doing a pretty good job because dang, the place looks amazing.

Aside from log cabins (that somehow look similar to Cabin in the Woods. God, I hope it doesn’t have that monsters-unleashing thingy in there somewhere) and teepees (which are class A cuteness – I ain’t gonna lie), they also have paddock chalets, kampung houses that sets on the magnificent pool (I wonder if they can cannonball from the balcony, though?), bandwagon that is the upgrade edition of how we usually see in western movies, and dormitories (okay, if you’re still in school, you can put this place on your school trip list!). Every accommodation is made out of mostly wood, which really pops up the western element in it. The design is a kill and the interior is made simple but complementary to the theme they are carrying.

Image credit: Phalinn Ooi on Flickr

Image credit: Phalinn Ooi on Flickr

Food and Beverages – Bottoms up!

Quick fact: Do you know that back in the days, the cowboys called water “Adam’s ale”?

Also, back in the days, Saloon is referring to a restaurant and the Saloon here in the ranch is packed with west-vibe. I guess if one were to walk in wearing full-on cowboy suit, he’ll blend in with the surrounding perfectly. From the roof to the chairs, tables and floors are all very woodsy. They even have cool decorations on the walls of pictures of native Americans and cowboys. Moving on the actual menus, they varied, NICE! They have some Malaysian original dishes AND Western cuisine with drinks like how they usually have it back in the good ‘ol cowboy days at the Watering Hole bar. The food style also varied from finger food to a la carte selections for your satisfaction. If you’ve ever taste the food they have it there, please feel free to share your experience with me! Would be awesome to know all about it!

Image credit: Eagle Ranch Resort website

Activities – Saddle up for whole loads of fun!

One thing one will never get enough of this ranch is how crazily A LOT the activities they have piled up in that place. It’s ridiculously a lot! They have the ones for team building purposes, so, my guess is school, university or office trip can make use of this facilities to the fullest. Some of the team building activities including management skills, night activities that involves trekking in the night and compass march, special team building activity including building a bamboo raft and F1 go-kart race (with a twist!), and obstacle courses – WOW! How we’ll get sore from this! Other sports and recreation one can enjoy aside from team building shenanigans including horse riding (wouldn’t be a true cowboy experience without some horse riding), swimming, water polo, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, futsal, paintball and much more.

Honestly, throughout this whole writing process makes me wanna go and book eagle ranch resort online. It looks so cool and would be a fun thing to experience. Wonder how would Kpo Kia Papa think about this idea?

Image credit: Phalinn Ooi on Flickr

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  1. wow, the Eagle Ranch Resort seems quite a nice place to R&R.

  2. Wow i like to experience the ranch life. This is amazing and exciting. And also learn how to horse ride.

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