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Pizza Making with Collin’s Junior Chefs workshop

And somehow I got to know about this pizza making workshop from friend L, and is happy to know Kpo Kia falls into the age limit – Kpo Kia is underaged for most of the activities my friends’ kiddo joined.

When we reached the restaurant, Kpo Kia begins to look around. She was both curious and fearful of the new environment when a lot of staffs are being around, trying to make the parents and kids feeling comfortable and relax. The tables are all set up and the staff are welcoming – they served us ice water and pass us a form to fill up. Some parents are late, including my sotong friend who went to the wrong ‘Cathy’ building, thus we waited for 15-20minutes before we start off the session.

First thing we were asked to do is…. to wash our hands. All the kiddos are sent off to wash their hands at the nearby washrooms with their caretakers with assistance from some of the staffs.

Once done, the chef-in-charge begins to share with the children on the ingredients used for the pizza. The pizza dough was prepared in advance and placed on the table, and the ingredients are neatly placed and labeled by the sequence which they will be used. The chefs try to include some interesting fact as they introduce each new ingredient, the older kids are well engaged (probably because they understand better on the new knowledge imparted). Nevertheless, Kpo Kia show great interest in having able to hands-on touching the dough and  pizza ingredients. Even Kpo Kia papa is focusing on what the chefs say (so he can guide Kpo Kia) and we really had a fun afternoon~

The attentive staffs realised Kpo Kia and a couple of kids are too short for the table and immediately do up a simple stand for them to stand on….
This is the first time Kpo Kia can hands on touching the pizza dough
She can’t control well but the staffs managed to guide her on ‘painting’ the dough with the tomato puree after all.
Focus…. trying to catch instruction on what to do next.
Looking around to see what’s next
Kpo Kia Papa decided to help her on putting some cheese on her pizza
She finally got it… and want to do it herself
Presenting her Pizza…. before it’s sent to the oven…
Busy busy…. somehow a couple of the pizza are mixed up, but believe they will do it better next time.
As long as Kpo Kia is happy, this will be her final product 🙂
The staff assisting Kpo Kia in cutting and serving her art work
Sotong mummy wrote her name wrongly on the form so we got the cert with a wrong name LOL… Thanks the manager for quickly reprint it for us after we realised the mistake.
Of course the event must end with a group photos with the group of little chefs~ Thanks for everything~

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