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Bye bye, Kiki

Yesterday J told me that you are fading away… and I was sort of lost for words. Not sure how to comfort her, not sure what I can do for you.

We do not have a deep ‘friendship’ compare to most others, but your presence in the foreign country where I longed to be, meant a lot to me.

This afternoon I showed Kpo Kia your photo, and even jokingly told Kpo Kia that you used to drip saliva in my slipper. Those are the days I feel most lonely, and feel really grateful that you have not turned your back against me.

There was a period I feel so paranoid and overwhlem by self-pity, but you brought me comfort, simply but not leaving me alone.

There was a period I feel like hiding in a hole for my uselessness, and I’m really glad that I can push myself out by having an excuse to bring you out for a walk.

Thanks for being my friend for the few months. Thanks for bring joy to the friends I owed them for a major part of their life. Wish your next journey will be as meaningful as your journey here, or even more meaningful.

Good bye, Kiki.


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