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Resting again

Is having a rest again.

Getting on a new job at this age is harder than I imagine. Perhaps also due to the total different process and people I need to face each day, I felt drained at the end of the day ever since I get on board for this new job.

Job was never too difficult, what makes is difficult is the people. For people is the most complicated factor, and they set and processes and change constantly.

Anyway, I guess life have seasoned me quite a lot, while some of those around me are worried of the uncertainty that lies in the future, I am quite chill with it. What can goes wrong? Not getting an extension after end of the contract? Getting terminated even before the contract end? As long as I am still alive in good health, I believe I can get a job and life goes on.

Perhaps one of the reasons I can remain so calm is knowing our housing loan can be paid off soon by end of next year, and we do not have a luxury lifestyle. So yah, if you are worried about your job and future, you might need to relook and review your own lifestyle to see if you are prepared for it. Driving branded cars and owning branded high end products are certainly a good to have, but if tomorrow you become jobless, will you current lifestyle be sustainable? Do you think your current circles of friends will be your friends in need? Do you think you can accept if you need to adapt to new lifestyle and new circles of friends?

My thoughts just ran wild again. Need a break. Hope I can adjust myself to the new job and new life soon. Kpo Kia is turning 3 so I no longer have excuses to be a lazy mum, my new job does not allow me much flexibility to settle my personal stuff during office anymore (Dear ex-boss, I still make sure I complete my work even if my settle my person stuff, dun scold me hor!), and most of my personal time is almost devoted to family and Kpo Kia (except for my pokemon time).

Let me take a break from writing, and rethink of how I can adjust my timing to better cater for everything I wish to do, during this period in life.

I will be back.

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