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My third COVID-19 experience log 第三次新冠确诊备忘录 Day 1

08 December 2023 . Day 1 . 第1天

I have to confessed, I wasn’t expecting this to comes before my Taiwan trip post.

I had flu even before I went to Taiwan, thus I didn’t think much of getting infected even if the symptoms worsen after I came back.


  • 4th Dec ’23: Arrived back to Changi Airport from Taiwan early in morning, stay home all day except the 2 hours dinner time at mall. I was masked up most of the time on flight but didn’t put on for dinner since I wasn’t taking public transport
  • 5th Dec ’23: Lunch with colleagues at Airport McDonald’s. Was mask up half of the time in office – I was feeling fine but not totally well, so I masked up when talking to colleagues in meeting.
  • 6th Dec ’23: We had company event in USS, I was masked up during public transport but as some of the activities may got my mask wet so I didn’t put it on. I was under the rain and and shout like mad during my first Cylon ride thus I totally thought it’s normal that I feel my flu worsen after that. Worked till 2am+ to read through my documents to prepare for the next day meeting.
  • 7th Dec ’23: I wasn’t feeling well, so I did an ART to ensure I was negative before I went to Airport with colleagues for a meeting. I assume the worsen condition is due to my lack of rest to recent eventful weeks and the company event when we didn’t get to drink much water + went under the rain and endless shouting. In the evening, I also went out with Kpo Kia to town on the MRT.
  • 8th Dec ’23: I really felt I need a rest thus I went to visit a doctor. Since I didn’t test myself on the day she just treat me as simple flu symptoms with low graded fever (37.9). I thought it was weird for me to caught fever and feeling that restless so I decided to test myself with the limited ART kit at home. My heart sank when I saw the 2 lines….

I quickly informed Kpo Kia papa and soon fell asleep on the living room floor, giving in to the fever. I’m not sure where should I hide as Kpo Kia was having flu symptoms in the morning and I’m worry she was infected by me.

By the time I woke up again, it was 3pm+, I had the leftover salad and tuna as lunch and quickly dozed off on the living room floor again.

I woke up around 6pm and quickly packed some stuff and hide inside Kpo Kia’s room, since they will be home soon. Kpo Kia did a test and luckily she was negative.

We quickly pack more stuff into our own hideouts and I started my me-time =)

I keep feeling tired so I dozed off quite ‘early’ at night again.

There goes my first Friday back from Holiday… I had no energy to clear any backlogs yet 🙁


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