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Finally got her Child Concession Card!

She finally got her ezlink child concession card today!
Child Concession Card
Has procrastinated for the longest time and she was already over 90cm tall for quite while before I finally move my butt to apply it for her. It’s partially thanks to all the social media posts on complaining the bus drivers/MRT staff for stopping the children from boarding the public transport and insist they need to pay children fare even though it is quite obvious that the kids are below 7years old.
For those who is still confused over what I am sharing – basically if your child is above 0.9m in height, below 7 years old and not in Primary School, you will need to apply for a Child Concession Card in order to enjoy the free ride on public transport in Singapore (there is a fine print this need to be accompanied by a fare-paying commuter… hmmm). Otherwise, the bus driver/MRT staffs have the right to make your child pay full fare if they decided to ‘do their job’. The Child Concession Card will be valid for use till 30 April of the year the child turns 7 years old, as they will then in turn get a Primary School Smartcard.

To apply for the child concession card, simply:

  1. bring along your child’s Birth Certificate (if your child is a Singapore Citizen or a Singapore Permanent Resident) or Passport (if your child is a non-Singapore Citizen or non-Singapore Permanent Resident)
  2. bring along your NRIC if you are the parent/proxy
  3. go to any TransitLink Ticket Office

Each eligible child is entitled to purchase one Child Concession Card, and the card will be encoded with the child’s name, Birth Certificate/Passport number, date of birth and expiry date of the card.

If your child need to travels on Premium bus services and NightRider services, you will need to pay for the commuting fare and top-up the card with minimum top-up value of $5.

Do note that if you lost the card, and want to make an replacement card, it will incurred an administrative fee of $13 on top of the travel value. You will also need to call 1800-CALL ONE (1800-2255 663) which operates daily from 8am to 6pm (excluding public holidays) and provide your Personal ID number or Card ID. Any remaining value will be refunded to you in cash after 10 days. Once you lodged a loss report for a card, it is irreversible – meaning the card would no longer be usable even if found.

Faulty cards will be replaced free of charge so parents no need to worry about additional cost, but please do take care of the card as it is also consider a ‘teachable moment’ to teach your child how to handle things with care.


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  1. Peter Ng says:

    How about the child above 7 years old but a tourist?

    1. I believe this is for Singapore children only. Might need to check with the Translink office as they might have some tourist cards.

  2. Qing An says:

    When we apply for the card do we have to pay any money for the card

    1. cfchai says:

      Hi Qing An, we do not need to pay any money unless you wish to top up the card.

      1. Hi can I ask i ever lost once I paid $13 but he lost again is the fee same?

        1. Hi there, I have no idea =) but since they didn’t mention it in T&C, likely will be the same. Actually so far in her preschool days, no bus driver asked us for the card, probably because my girl is short.

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