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Pregnancy Journal: So far….

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Ever since I am aware of my pregnancy, what have I done so far?

  • Make the announcement to our family and some of our close friends (have yet to inform some of the other close friends as it feels weird to announce out of the blue though)
  • Pre-book my hospital ward and decided on the delivery method
  • Booked my confinement lady
  • Put myself on waiting list for my dear princess on nearby infant care center
  • Joined loads of mummies Facebook group and start research on pump
  • Read more on pregnancy
  • Having morning sickness at night @_@
What I have not done?
  • Book myself a maternity photo shoot
  • Decided on a good diaper bag
  • Decided on a pump
  • Research for proper baby cot, find more maternity wear
  • Research for baby shower ideas, ideally can be something DIY
I know other mummy bloggers would have put their ultrascan photos on their blog, but I decided not due to various reasons.
Anyway, the my coming blog post regarding my pregnancy might be a bit boring because of the lack of photos T_T…. so pardon me~

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