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Mummy’s Love Nursing Cover Review

I only took a mere 10 weeks of maternity leave before going back to work, so I need to pump in office at least once a day, no matter how busy I am. Unfortunately for me, my office is having a open concept layout, such that we don’t even have a private corner or meeting room, so I have resorted to pump with my Spectra 9+ and Freemies to minimise the distraction to my colleagues. Somehow I got very self conscious about my “balloon boobs” when I have my Freemies on so I always covered myself with the nursing cover while I’m doing the “cow business”.

I got my first nursing cover from one of the event’s freebies bag during my pregnancy and it’s a striking pink cotton cover, it served its function but the fabric is thick and I was keep pretty warm in air-con while pumping. But it also means, Kpo kia will be feeling much warmer when I was nursing her.

This is how she looks like in the pink nursing cover after nursing~ Luckily she no need to go through this anymore!

After 1 or 2 months, I really pity my little one who need to be nursed under the warm cover, and started to hunt for similar design nursing cover made with more cooling fabric so Kpo Kia will feel less suffocated. It’s only then I realised it’s really not easy to find a nursing cover/shawl which meet my simple criteria. I was eyeing for the poncho style cover but when I went to stores, most of them do not sell such design, even when I went to Spring Maternity and found similar design, I find it too short around the side and do not feel “secure” to perform my “nursing in public” (under nursing cover of course!) act.

Tried to google for poncho nursing cover and realised they usually cost SGD$40 or more, and review usually feedback that the material is either too short, or the fabric is too hot. After a tough search, I finally got a better one in one of the mummy & baby fairs.

By chance, I was invited to do a review for the nursing cover from Mummy’s Love.
I gladly accept the invite and hope the review can help the nursing mum readers in their nursing cover/shawl hunt.

The shawl I got to review can be found on:
This is the photo post on their facebook:

Design: Chameleon
Fabric: Premium Cotton Jersey
Price: $32 each

This is the photo of the nursing cover I received for review, taken by me:

Lying it on my sofa for sun tan~

The actual nursing cover is slightly lighter shade though.

I received the nursing cover in a nicely wrapped plastic envelope. The design and color is almost the same as what I saw on the facebook page and I like the colorful design which “bring some live” to my nursing act. The previous nursing cover I got are in plain design (or rather, no design) as I am do not want to risk having something that looks nice on the online store but ends up looking like a garment that was part of table cloth or curtain when delivered to my doorstep.

It’s reasonable thin and the material is quite cooling

Actually the most important criteria is the nursing cover need to be cooling enough as Kpo Kia get ‘heat up’ pretty easily and I always ended up having a wet baby coming out from the nursing cover after 10-15mins of feeding. It seem like the fabric is pretty thin and YAY~ Kpo Kia came out pretty “dry” most of the time, with not much sweat (yet to find a chance to take photo of how she looks like one of the day after feeding).

The only thing is, lazy me usually just throw all my garment inside the washing machine, but for this nursing cover, I had been hand washing it. As somehow the fabric looks like it will get pilling easily. @_@

Feeling secure as I’m covered nicely from all sides

As mentioned previously, I want something that can cover me nicely while I was feeding in public and I glad this nursing cover does the job well – especially when I was sitting down, I’m fully covered from all side and no worry of “flashing bah”(my spare tyre fats around me is definitely not something I would like to show off). I am around 1.58cm tall so if you are around my height, you should be able to feel secure too~

Kpo Kia likes to play with the nursing shawl when I used it as a blanket for her in the car, probably due to the colorful design

The reason why I like the poncho style of nursing cover is because it is very flexible, other than using it as a cover while nursing, I can use it as a blanket to keep Kpo Kia warm in air conditioned places. At times I also use it to play peek-a-boo with her to distract her as she really don’t like to sit in the car seat for long and will start wailing after a while.

While this is not the cheapest nursing cover in market, I like the variety of designs available. I personally quite like it and think it’s worth considering if you are on you are shopping for a nursing cover.

[Editing on 22-Oct-16] Kpo kia is finally 1 year old! I seldom nursing her outside anymore as she is enjoying solid food very well. But I still have the practice to put a nursing cover in each of my bag – as emergency backup plan if she need comfort for whatever reason, or if we landed out somewhere cold. She is really a “hot babe” who sweat easily like mad outside so I usually dress her ‘light’ and cooling, but at times if we go to places with strong aircon, this is really a very nice “blanket” for her,

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