CB Day 26: It is May already?

Not sure why I have been having difficulty sleeping these days, hope it will improved by next week.

Today schedule is:

  • 11:20am: We woke up early but refused to leave the bed…. wake up to drink a cup of coffee, no other food as it’s lunch time soon
  • 2:15pm: Time for lunch! Cooked Codfish, broccoli, and cheese tofu. Initially only want to cook 2 dishes, but Kpo Kia wants more variety.. so…
  • After lunch, back to attempt to do my best to clear the job… but eventually, give up… there’s simply too much limitation for a simple task. Better focus on my clearing my own admin stuff.
  • 8:40am: Our dinner is finally back. Shared with her Yong Tou Fu, and a piece of curry puff for me….

Today, there are announcement that thanks to the reduce in community spread, we will get to enjoy more services and food, e.g. cake from 12th May onwards… excluding bubble tea and Bak Kwa.

The first thing I will do when I get out of the house from CB will be getting a slice of chocolate cake….

Today figure: 447 new cases

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