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Personalised gift tags from XOXOSG

Call me kaisu but I have started preparing goodie bag gifts for Kpo Kia’s birthday. It’s always good to personalise gifts with a gift tags to show appreciation of the recipients. Is really glad that each and every classmate of… Continue Reading →

Product Review: Stickerkid label

This is a super backlog post which I promised myself to put up during my break (which somehow still didn’t happened). 🙂 When Kpo Kia is around 5 months old, my in law was unable to take care of her… Continue Reading →

LaZior MayterLynn 紫薯谷粮 – “薯”于你的健康饮品

近来每晚都得加班。。。本来生产后的小腹还没来得及收复,却因为为了提神的夜宵。。。渐渐变成“大腹”。难过的是,Kpo Kia爸爸不但没有敷衍的安慰,还笑我搭地铁时不用担心没位坐(变相说我像孕妇嘛!)听说LaZior MayterLynn 精選紫薯谷糧采用全天然植物成份,无糖、无色素、无防腐剂、无副作用,又可以帮助减肥,又恰巧有这个机会,当然得尝试一下! MayterLynn的产品成份包括:紫薯粉,糙米,黑芝麻,燕麦麸,燕麦片,黑糯米,黑豆,红豆,绿豆,大豆,黑眼豌豆,薏仁,小麦,高粱米,荞麦,可溶性纤维,菊粉,苹果粉,亚麻籽油粉,甜菊叶提取物。 紫薯富含蛋白质、淀粉、果胶、纤维素、氨基酸、维生素及多种矿物质。 营养丰富具特殊保健功能,其中的蛋白质、氨基酸都是极易被人体消化和吸收的, 可以增强体质,调理内分泌;铁元素可抗疲劳、抗衰老、补血;纤维素可促进肠胃蠕动, 帮助消化。紫薯富含的维生素A可以改善视力和皮肤的粘膜上皮细胞,维生素C 可使胶元蛋白正常合成,防治坏血病的发生, 达到减肥、抗癌的效果。 紫薯除了具有普通红薯的营养成分外,还富含硒元素和花青素。花青素具有抗氧化、清除自由基,抗衰老、改善肤质的功效;硒元素也有修补心肌、提高免疫系统的功能。 MayterLynn 也含有丰富 Omega-3 想想我这种容易发福,长时间得对着电脑工作,皮肤又容易因压力引起湿疹的人还真需要多吸收点Omega-3。 饮用方法: 以 2 汤匙(相等于25g)加入一杯 200ml 热或温开水,搅拌均匀后即可饮用。 我的第一杯终于决定泡我的第一杯MayterLynn 精選紫薯谷糧!才置放了这么一回儿杯里的饮料就沉淀成3层了! 我的第一杯!才置放了这么一回儿杯里的饮料就沉淀成3层了! 一开罐就闻到扑鼻的麦香 喝下却的感觉没有看起来的浓稠。。。个人挺喜欢的。 喝第一口时,鼻子是满满的麦香,喝着喝着,麦香慢慢褪去,取而代之的是浓浓的紫薯香。 适用人群 1 岁以上的小孩 哺乳、孕妇、更年期妇女 素食者、糖尿病、高血压、高胆固醇人士 刚满两岁的Kpo Kia 还挺喜欢喝耶!可惜我不再哺乳了,不然倒想试一下MayterLynn到底对促进我的乳汁的分泌,增加母乳份量的功效有多好。 LaZior 面子书官方网站 @Lazior Malaysi

Learn Basic Floristry at Flower Jamming Session

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine to the soul.” – Luther Burbank Image credit: A Better Florist Facebook page I used to get a stalk of flower (haha, that is how… Continue Reading →

Mummy’s Love Nursing Cover Review

I only took a mere 10 weeks of maternity leave before going back to work, so I need to pump in office at least once a day, no matter how busy I am. Unfortunately for me, my office is having… Continue Reading →

ShopBack: Redmart coupons, cashback and more!

A lot of friends by now know that I had fell in love with online shopping. During confinement, I was confined at home and unable to go out to shop for stuffs, thanks god for the invention of internet + online… Continue Reading →

Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump Review

Not too long ago there is a rave about the Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump in the facebook group I have been following. Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump is a supposed to be a manual breast pump made from 100% medical grade silicone…. Continue Reading →

Product Review: CIELO cream hair colour

What’s more torturing to a lady than seeing a messy bunch of hair? White Hair!!!Let’s face it! Asian will be spotted with (a lot of) white hair especially after they hit a certain age… and sad to admit, I am… Continue Reading →

AO&N Little Innoscents Mineral Powder

As mentioned in my previous post, I had received a fair bit of products from my “360 Care Package” from AO&N – Thanks to TIN!~I am deeply impressed with AO&N’s wide range of organic and natural products. Today, let me do a… Continue Reading →

“Little” Care Package from AO&N

Thanks AO&N (a distributor and marketer for organic and natural  products) for the no-so-little care package, and of course The Influencer Network (TIN) for linking us up~ The first thing it come across my mind when I received the package is… Continue Reading →

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