Phase 3.1 HA Day 1

2021-06-14 – Monday

First day of Phase3.1 HA. I am seriously confused over the different levels of Phases which are all same same but different.

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Toastbox Curry Chicken rice
    Initially wanted to cook Curry Chicken for dinner but obviously Kpo Kia papa is not impressed with my curry chicken. Since he have craving for Toast box
  • Dinner: Bobo Prawn Paste chicken, Tofu, Air fried Baked Potato
    I wanted to clear the Potato, so we had 3 baked potatoes. LOL. Since Kpo Kia doesn’t like to eat potatoes, it’s all ours.

端午节快乐! Happy Dumpling Day!

This year I was sort of “confined” and can’t go out to get dumplings. Kpo Kia papa decided that we shouldn’t go out except to fetch Kpo Kia or run our very quick grocery errand. Unfortunately, there is no dumpling available at the places we dropped by. I miss dumplings. I miss the dumplings made by Mum.

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