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Throwback: Babymoon @ Banyan Tree Ungasan Bali – Day 3 & 4

As usual, after lazy preggy wake up, we quickly wash up and eagerly went for our breakfast~ The menu is similar so we sort of decided what to try already.




As the resort is quite a distance from town and I was not in the condition to move around easily, we had planned to take the free shuttle bus from the resort and go to Bali collection center for the afternoon.

Random photo taken while waiting for our free shuttle bus


This is not a shuttle bus! And we are the only 2 on the shuttle van

It’s a hot day!

Welcome to Bali Collection Center


Hot day, need cold drink for our lunch, but the drinks are not exactly cold too…


His lunch


My lunch – had a heavy breakfast so the preggy cannot eat too much during lunch

Since this is a tourist area so there wasn’t really a lot of things to shop, just managed to buy a bit of souvenir for our families and colleagues. We were quite unlucky that day as the power tripped while we were trying to enjoy the free aircon while shopping in one of the store. Even after our shopping, during our break in Starbucks, the free wifi is too weak and the aircon does not seem to blow out cool air at all so we didn’t get to enjoy the break much. 🙁

After we came back from the center, we decided to go for our chill out destination – Ju-ma-na (again?!) to have a tea and catch the sunset which a lot of people rave about.

Before moving out from resort – this is our daily serving of “Fruits of the Day”


Back to Ju-Ma-Na again


Nice view, good for chillex … how I wish the price of the food help us chill also….






My favourite lily

Unfortunately, when we reached there, we were told by the servers that it’s common to encountered a cloudy day during these seasons and we didn’t get to see the ‘sunken egg yolk'(aka sunset) no matter how hard we try to look around.

Once again, we order food not knowing what it is. The smoked ham is not fully cook so I don’t dare to eat too much… just in case, but the complimentary bun are nice!

My milkshake


His cuppucino


Our teabreak… seriously don’t quite know what we are eating. LOL… but enjoying the scenery and the good service



We wanted to eat dinner at the other restaurant but unfortunately for us it’s not open on Monday! Enough of fine dining so we decided to go back to our villa to finish the cake and have some snacks as our dinner instead.

Left over cake from the previous night. VERY NICE & FILLING cake!

Next morning, as there are limited flight to come back to Singapore, we book a late morning flight, after our breakfast, we explore around the resort a while again before we set off back to Singapore.

Last day of buffet lunch~ Once go back to Singapore I need to go on diet so my baby will be not giant baby (didn’t quite work out cos now everyone still though Miss Ong is 2 years old when she is only 10+ month cos of her physical size)


Last day of buffet lunch~ 


Before going back, must take loads of photos, photos, and photos~








The common area toilet. It’s so spacious!~

Miss the days when we were being treated like king and queen, G and I secretly make a promised to come back if there’s a chance~

Bye bye, Bali~ Hope we can come back again! By then it should be a trip with AT LEAST 3 of us~

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