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Santa’s present: McDonald’s Kampung Burger back in town!

Once again, thanks to omy.sg, I get to be the first… not exactly… but among one of the first few to try out the McDonald’s Kampung Burger (20 years after it’s first launch) at the McDonald’s Kampung Burger Party!

I’m quite late so by the time I arrived, didn’t really get to chat with a lot of people (but the few I get to chat are really fun-loving girls~) but managed to find a lot of old-school toy on the table~

Can you identify these kampong childhood toy?
Have you ever played with five stones?

Soon the lead actress comes on board.
What is a Kampung burger?

This is the legendary Kampung Burger!

It’s actually made with some farm fresh lettuce, a tangy slice of crispy chicken, a piece of cheese, topped by a slice of pineapple, all packed between two old-fashioned toasted muffins~

How does it taste like? Hmm…
Have to admit when I first saw the BIG piece of pineapple on top I am very much tempted to remove it before I eat the burger (I’m usually don’t eat pineapple unless they are in the pineapple tart form), but the unique selling point is the pineapple! So I just have to give it a try anyway, surprisingly I pretty like the burger!
It’s juicy and the chicken is not too spicy. But due to the thickness… I will probably “dissect” it to eat layber by layer the next time I try it again 😛

Whatsup with these two little chicken drumlets? they are the Kampung BBQ Drumlets! These tender and moist chicken drumlets are marinated with traditional spices – paprika, garlic and onions, and are available in 2-piece and 10-piece packs. I think I can finished the 10-piece pack with no difficulties~

Look what we get to enjoy from the party other than good food?

Door gift! Each of us get to receive a Hamburglar toy!~
One lucky winner who won the “mystery childhood game” get to win the whole set of McDonaldLand Character plushies. Guess which is the childhood game we will be playing?
Can’t take my eyes off the plushies… I want to bring them back home!
Tadar!~ We will be playing scissor paper stone!
Guess whose’s the winner? The one whom I purposely blurred out! (ok, I confess my photography skill sux!)

Are you aware that the McDonaldLand Characters Plushie is available at $2.90 each with any purchase from 28th November 2013 onward?

Hamburglar – Available from 28th Nov 2013 to 4th Dec 2013
Birdie – Available from 5th Dec 2013 to 11th Dec 2013
Grimace – Available from 12th Dec 2013 to 18th Dec 2013
Ronald McDonald – Available from 19th Dev 2013 to 25th Dec 2013
Officer Big Mac – Available from 26th Dec 2013 to 31th Dec 2013


As usual… all cutie toys are while stocks last! (:

As usual, the event must end with a group photo.

The SOP (standard operating procedure) group photo. OMG! I’m the fattest among them!

OMG! Look how much I expand after I came back from New Zealand… It’s just less than a month and I upsized by two~~ T__T

Oh yeah! Forgot to share with you that the Kampung Burger will be available in McDonald’s Singapore starting from 5th December 2013. The Kampung Burger Special is available from $7.40 and consists of the Kampung Burger, a Tropical Tango McFizz (a bubbly mango mix) and a large French Fries. The 2-piece and 10-piece BBQ Drumlets are available for $2 and $9.50 respectively. These items are available whilst stocks last.

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  2. Hi cf chai. I was searching for the mcdonald hamburglar online and chance upon your page. My gf has been telling me how cute that toy is and she isn't able to get it. I would greatly appreciate if I could buy your hamburglar. I look forward to your favorable reply. My contact number is 96672615. It will really make my day and definitely hers. Thank you 🙂

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