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A Galaxy of Moons & Stars by The Gem Museum Singapore Night Festival 2017

Hidden in a corner of the heritage building along Queen Street (Bras Basah), you will be able to find The Gem Museum. It is Singapore’s first and most comprehensive private museum that features a wide range of gems and minerals from around the world. Most of the gems and minerals on display belong to the private collection of Far East Gem Institute’s founder, Mr. Tay Thye Sun.

Moonstone is the name derived from a visual effect caused by light diffraction within a micro-structure consisting of a regular succession of feldspar layers. This effect is in the form of a white shimmer, similar to moonshine, caused by structural anomalies within the crystal formation. Fine moonstone is quite rare.

Star stones are part of a special group of phenomenal gems in the world of gemstones. These stones exhibit special optical phenomena, including asterism (star effect), color gradation (cat’s eye effect) adularescence (flickering light) and iridescence (rainbow effect).

Asterism (star effect) is rarely found in a small number of precious stones cut as cabochons. As it is necessary for the gem to contain inclusions of rutile needles that are arranged in a way as to reflect the light in a shape with many rays forming a star.

A Galaxy of Moons & Stars
In celebration of Singapore Night Festival stepping into it’s 10th year, The Gem Museum is now having a “A Galaxy of Moons & Stars” themed gemstone exhibition, to showcase a series of unique gemstones such as Moonstones, Star Sapphires, Star Rubies, Star Rose Quartz and Cats’ Eyes.

Van Gogh Starry Night: Star Sapphires decorated this art piece that is inspired by the famous Van Gogh painting.

Comets: Comet effects created by phenomenal Star Rubies.

The museum will run a short presentation on the characteristic of these gemstones and let festival-goers have a better understanding of the beauty of these gemstones. Festive-goers will be able to see the gemstones’ moon-ish glow and starry brilliance when placed under light.

Admission hours to The Gem museum hours will be extended from 3-10pm during the night festival (18-19 Aug, 24-26 Aug) from 3pm to 10pm. 
Festival-goers will be able to go for a mystery dip at just SGD $20 and take home an exquisite piece of moonstone, star stone or any precious natural gemstone!
Kids can get to learn interesting facts too, through the Junior Rockstars programme!

The Gem Museum
222 Queen Street
Singapore 188550
Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 12pm to 5pm (except on public holidays)
Admission: Free
Website: http://thegemmuseum.gallery

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  1. So apparently there exists a festival to honor gemstones in Singapore.Coming to think of it Asians are so obsessed with ornaments the habit slowly being passed to the rest of the world.

  2. The Gem Museum is the first and foremost comprehensive gems and minerals museum in Singapore, open to the public. … The Gem Museum features a wide variety of gemstones and minerals from all corners of the world, educating visitors on the Mine to Market pipeline with regards to Value, Quality and Authenticity.

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