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“Fresh Christmas with Panasonic Singapore” cooking workshop

Today I finally get to have my “leave application” approved and I am able to take a break from being a newborn’s mum to attend the “Fresh Christmas with Panasonic Singapore” cooking workshop organised by Panasonic Singapore and! Have always… Continue Reading →

Product Review: CIELO cream hair colour

What’s more torturing to a lady than seeing a messy bunch of hair? White Hair!!!Let’s face it! Asian will be spotted with (a lot of) white hair especially after they hit a certain age… and sad to admit, I am… Continue Reading →

Santa’s present: McDonald’s Kampung Burger back in town!

Once again, thanks to, I get to be the first… not exactly… but among one of the first few to try out the McDonald’s Kampung Burger (20 years after it’s first launch) at the McDonald’s Kampung Burger Party! I’m… Continue Reading →

Movie Time: Arthur Newman

Thanks to Shaw and, today I get to watch the movie preview of Arthur Newman at the Shaw Preview Theatre. Mind you, the seat in Shaw Preview Theatre is so comfortable anyone will be glad to sleep there for… Continue Reading →

Let the Flames Begin – The Spicy Faceoff ~

Thanks for inviting me to the McDonald’s – The Spicy Faceoff event. I am invited to a top secret ‘The Spicy Faceoff’ food tasting session!~The poster looks like the one The Hunger Game… scary, do I need to kill to eat? Was… Continue Reading →

Reflection Time: Bloggers’ sharing session

Got to attend the blogger sharing session: Blogging for Leisure VS Profit: A Blogger’s Dilemma – held by There are some insightful sharing from the panelists, on various topics, e.g. what are the attributes required for a profit-earning blogger, the… Continue Reading →

Happy Time:《她门》

实践剧场年度重头黑色喜剧《她门》开演了! 《她门》演出详情日期:2013年3月22日 – 4月6日时间:晚上8时(星期二至星期六),下午3时(星期六与星期天)票价(不包括$3 SISTIC服务费): $56, $46, $36演出时长:135分钟,包括中场休息地点:Drama Centre Theatre,National Library 3rd Floor, 100 Victoria Street S188064票务:SISTIC/(65)6348 5555询问:(65)6337 2525 故事讲述了8个来自不同背景和时空的女人,纷纷从现实生活中消失,来到一个共同的神秘空间。导演郭践红通过浅白易懂的方式让舞台剧更亲近观众。8个女人,6个时代,5种语言,1桩真相不明的悬案。。。一扇从不上锁的门,一个神秘的所在,装载着来自不同时代,不同背景的女人和她们的秘密。一个逃婚新娘突然闯入这个空间,带来了一连串的悬疑、嬉闹、争执和温情。 哈哈!羡慕我吧!我是其中一个幸运得奖者喔!多谢!有好戏,当然不会忘记好戏的老姐。。。 还记得上一次观赏实践剧场的演出,是《爱情观自在》(天啊!那时是N年前的往事!),也是和老姐一起观看。。。 只有无处可去的女人,才可能看得见那扇门。那扇门后,是一个没有白天黑夜的世界。每个女人,背后都有一个故事,可是故事的真伪,没有人会批评,也没有人有资格批评。久而久之,大家习惯了躲在那扇门后,就再也没有离开的勇气,没有离开的理由了。 最爱看的剧幕:换一个灯泡需要几个女人?和 iPad。 剧里的对白,轻松惹笑,却又带几分睿智,引人深思。 诉说女人的无奈。。。 演出以多种语言进行,附中英文字幕。 TheTheaterPractice’s latest drama – “The Bride Always Knock Twice” is here!The story is… Continue Reading →

Movie time: Confession of Murder

Thanks to Golden Village and, once again I get to watch the movie preview~ This round, of the Korean action thriller, Confession of Murder. Surprise, surprise, and surprise! Everything is out of my expectation. Never expect so much action… Continue Reading →

Domino’s Pizza: “Double Value Deal”

Was honored to be invited for my first pizza sampling session, organised by and Domino’s Pizza to introduce the Domino’s Pizza “Double Value Deal“. What’s so “Double Great” about the Double Value Deal?You can get 2 Regular Pizzas at only $22… Continue Reading →

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