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McDonald’s X LINE

The McDonald’s x LINE plush collectibles are now available at McDonald’s restaurants islandwide* at $4.90 with any purchase of Extra Value Meal. You can purchase the McDonald’s X LINE Plush Collectibles Set at SGD$70 from which includes:– 5 individually boxed McDonald’s… Continue Reading →

Hello Kitty Bubbly World Series latest status

[Last Updates on: 24th April 2014 7:20am]Can you see what I’m seeing now? 🙂 [Updated on: 23th April 2014 10:00pm] OMG! Is it sold out on the first day few hours??! Fear not, Hello Kitty fans! Apparently there are still… Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Singapore is FIRST in Launching Hello Kitty Bubbly World Series

Singapore is First again!Hello Kitty is 40 (old my! The cat is so old!) years old!Singapore will be the FIRST in the world to Launch the Hello Kitty Bubbly World plush toys on Apr 28, 2014 in McDonald’s restaurants in… Continue Reading →

Santa’s present: McDonald’s Kampung Burger back in town!

Once again, thanks to, I get to be the first… not exactly… but among one of the first few to try out the McDonald’s Kampung Burger (20 years after it’s first launch) at the McDonald’s Kampung Burger Party! I’m… Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Go Play Instagram Challenge #mcdgoplay

Another McDonald’s fun moment~Just realised McDonald’s Go Play have a Instagram Challenge today through JL.Simply post your fun McDonald’s moments on Instagram and hash tag #mcdgoplay 25 winners will be picked from 6 June – 30 June! 1 daily winner… Continue Reading →

Random: McDonald’s Singapore and Hello Kitty

Guess what? After Brown, どーも くん(Dōmo-kun) have a new friend today~ Thanks G <3 <3 <3 Say hello to Hello Kitty McDelivery~ Keke, McDelivery kitty is putting on kitty spec as I find it pretty cute when I read about… Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Hello Kitty Fairy Tale plushies are here~

I remember whenever friends/colleagues and I are out for meals and we run out of ideas on what to eat, my first thoughts is McDonald…. This round, McDonald is back to my mind, not because I ran out of ideas… Continue Reading →

National Breakfast Day: EGG-citing Times with McDonald

Eating breakfast is always tops on the “Best Nutrition Tips” lists. Benefits of having breakfast includes enhanced vitamin and mineral intake, weight control, clearer thinking and a way to get metabolism in gear for the day. National Breakfast Day is… Continue Reading →

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