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Photo Time: Cure Festival Singapore at DBS Marina Regatta 2013

Saw that there is a Cosplay event – Cure Festival Singapore at DBS Marina Regatta 2013 on Facebook so decided to go there to practise my photography skills.
This round I decided to try the tips given by Francis, but unfortunately, not sure if it’s my skill or the weather, I still don’t see enough improvement compare to my previous batch of Cosplay photos at the EOY 2012 Cosplay Festival (by the way, looking back at my previous post, I realised I already met fellow blogger – Angie at EOY last year! 🙂 Singapore is such a small place).

This time I deliberately try not to take photos of the cosplayers looking at my camera, but the funny thing is, they are so used to get requested to look into the photographers’ camera so once they notice I am taking their photos, they will sensitively look towards my direction. 🙂 Regardless, I really need to thanks them for their great effort and patience to dress up and posed for us, “amateur photographer”(noob in fact) like me usually take longer time to take a photo and sometimes need to take a few pictures before we can get what we want, but they didn’t give up on us ~~ *Touched*

Moody sky. Luckily it did no rain


Waiting for the race to start


Don’t play play with us, we are tough guys!


But every touch guy have a tender side


Game time!


Please do not kick us out from the game, we posed very nicely yah~





The wing can open and close as the cosplayer wants, wonder if he design it himself?
Very cool.


My admirer is behind me waiting to chat with me, please shoot faster











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  1. I enjoyed looking at these photos. art3osb @ swap-bot

  2. You like cosplay? Glad you enjoy the photos 🙂

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