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Exercise Time: Brooks Run Happy Singapore 2012

Today is the day!
It’s Brooks Run Happy Singapore 2012!
Know the run from JC through Plurk and Sze when she is promoting the design of the medal, so decided to sign it up as my last running event for 2012.

Guess what? This week has been a rainy week and it almost rain every evening but today is a special day so the sky is wonderfully beautiful this evening!

Sky still clear while waiting for shuttle bus…


Des with his ‘baggage’

This is one of the very rare occasion that I will be on time, and so much earlier than the flag off time… waited over 1hour before I finally can start exercising with my “big fat tyre” around my waist…

While waiting for the run to start…


And waiting….


And waiting…


And waiting….


Why is the wait almost never ending?!


I felt so sleepy!


Our ‘treat’ … teaching us Gungnam style warm up dance


This is taken at near 1km point…

Today is also a very rare occasion that I only took one photo during the run as 40% of the time I was really ‘running’… Realised most of the 4000 participants are really running and I have no choice but to move as fast as I can so I will not block the traffic.

Later part of the run, Des somehow become my pacer, I saw him almost at every 1km mark point =.=”

Finally after some squeezing through to the end point, I got my medal, and a lot of food!! I ate at least 3 pieces of chicken stick, 4 pieces of nuggets, 1 mochi, and 1 brownies… so full I only had McDonald strawberry sundae and the new shaker fries as dinner after that.

This is the medal Sze love so much… Des gave her the king one also…
She was so happy!

[Update on 2012-Nov-28] Just got my result… not very good but hey! I improved!! Happy!

On average I was on a 8.3Mins/KM pace… consider improved. How I wish this is my result for 10KM run

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  1. Gorgeous photos. Good thing it didn't rain on you. Congrats on your run.


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks! I am glad that the weather is exceptionally great that day! 🙂

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