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LIVE . LAUGH . LOVE @ Alive Muesum

If you read my previous post on Alive Museum, I had went there with my Mum and Mr G. Back then I wasn’t even married yet. Time flies… Anyway, I am glad to be invited to visit the Alive Museum… Continue Reading →

PhotoS of the day: 2015-01-04

Sky from his house – front view Sky from his house – back view

心动 。天空

多年前看了《心动》(张艾嘉导演),从此爱上了天空。我告诉我自己,如果有一天我拥有一架相机,我也要把每一天的天空拍下,和我心爱的人分享。多年后,拥有一架相机,虽然没有把每一天的天空拍下,我爱抬头看天的习惯,我爱拍天空的习惯,却也不改。偶尔,有机会拍下美丽的天空,我会迫不及待地“扑”上网,与我心爱的家人朋友们分享。哪怕有些人根本不屑,有些人拍得比我更好,有些人不了解我为什么总是爱拍“一样”的天空,我还是坚持。因为你也许不知道,我拍下的,有我的心情,我的视野,我的感触,我的回忆。。。 刚刚在面子书看到了陈结仪诠释的心动 (原唱者是林晓培),心里一阵感动。我差点忘了,曾经是以什么心情被美丽的天空感动。我不是歌迷(姐和我相反,百分百歌迷,而且超爱陈结仪),但是我被陈结仪感动了,在此和你分享她令人心动的歌声: 心动有多久没见你以为你在那里原来 就住在我的心底陪伴着我的呼吸有多远的距离以为闻不到你的气息谁知道你背影这么长回头 就看到你过去让它过去来不及从头喜欢你白云缠绕着蓝天如果不能够永远都在一起也至少给我们怀念的勇气拥抱的权利好让你明白我心动的痕迹过去让它过去来不及从头喜欢你白云缠绕着蓝天如果不能够永远都在一起也至少给我们怀念的勇气拥抱的权利好让你明白我心动的痕迹总是想再见你还试着打探你的消息原来你就住在我的身体守护我的回忆

Alive @ Alive Museum Singapore~

Guess what? *Happy* to get invited by to visit the Alive Museum Singapore! Went to Trick eye museum with G in late June, but I have totally no idea what’s the difference between it VS Alive Museum Singapore… now… Continue Reading →

Social Media 101 Lessons: How to do Facebook Cover Photos

Social Media 101 Lessons: 5 Things to Avoid When Taking Selfies

All bloggers must know this~

Unfulfilled wish…

Mellons Bay, Auckland A friend once told me she haven’t seen the sunrise in New Zealand, so I wished I can do something for her. Unfortunately, not sure if it’s due to my lack of research to get to the… Continue Reading →


Spring is here. 🙂

New Zealand: Muriwai Beach

Cousin were here for two weeks so we decided to meet up to explore more of Auckland 🙂A & S are friendly people who do not mind meeting new people, so we all decided to meet up and go to… Continue Reading →

Traveling: Ignorance is blessing 初生之犊不畏虎

Ignorance is blessing.When I told friends that I did not dare to bring my beloved camera (GF2) around in Auckland (New Zealand), but they knew I been bring it around when I was in Siam Reap (Cambodia), most of them… Continue Reading →

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