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I love tulips. More than roses. But tulips have shorter lifespan compare to rose, especially in hot country such as Singapore. And I only get to see them in florist shops, not in a pot.

In May, we have the opportunities to view bed of tulips in Singapore! Garden by the Bay had organised an event Tulipmania, the largest tulip-themed floral show ever to be held in Singapore. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines had flown some tulips blooms directly from Netherlands, with other features such as Dutch windmills and customised wooden clogs at the Tulipmania Flower Display.

Event details
Dates: 29 April – 20 May 2013
Time: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Location: Flower Dome, Garden by the Bay

During this period, Singaporeans and Singapore PRs adults can get the into the admission ticket at a discount rate to EITHER ONE of the Conservatories (Flower Dome OR Cloud Forest) at SGD$10 (usual fee: SGD$12), but note that this promotion is applicable ticket purchases over Ticketing Counters only.
Senior citizen and Children will be able to purchase the ticket at SGD$7.00 per conservatory.
You can find out more on the Garden by the Bay website on

G and I decided to go Garden on a weekday (Wednesday) to beat the crowd, but the place get pretty crowded by 4PM. This is my virgin visit to the Flower Dome, so I am not sure how is it on other days.

Tulipmania – Here I come!!!!


Super like the idea of decorating the pillars into giant tulips~


My first sighted tulip!


Macro shoot with HTC one. Quality as good as my GF2,
or as bad as it is because of limitation of the photographer’s skill


Tulips are so beautiful…


Even Danbo wants to take one home…


Danbo take shades from beautiful plants around and refuse to move…


Tulips here…


tulips there…


tulips everywhere…~


Little Dutch windmill


Bed of tulips…


Somehow I think windmill is not align properly?

The place got pretty dark by 6.30PM and I start having handshake to take proper picture. There are only minimum lights around the main bed of tulips. 🙁

Guess the tulips need to sleep so only minimum lights are on 🙁


Giant cage for little people.

I am pleased with the selection of flowers and plants in the Flower Dome. Although I still find the place a bit small and when the crowd swam in, I can’t find a decent space to take a photo without blocking other’s passage, but guess it’s more important that we get to appreciate plants and flowers. Glad I came for the Tulipmania, and thanks G for being my best photography companion 😛

Sidenote: If you want to save the environment and view the map on your mobile instead of taking the leftlets, you can view the garden map on As the interactive map is not mobilephone/tablet-friendly, you can also click on the “Enlarge Map” on the side menu and view it in .gif format.

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  1. I like tulips too. I wish their life span was longer. They are so bright and beautiful. art3osb @ swap-bot

  2. Yah~ Such a pity right? 🙁 I wish I can see a bigger patch of tulip garden someday 🙂

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