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Happy Time: ieat AGM: Annual General Makan 2012

It’s December! A month which one shall not look into the numbers on the weighing machine, some strange energy always make the numbers gone up in the last month of the year.

Sis is a loyal follower of ieatishootipost.sg, and she informed us once she know that the registration for ieat AGM (Annual General Makan) 2012 is open (For those who don’t know what is ‘Makan’, it’s actually the malay word for ‘meal’ or ‘to eat’).

Curious on what is so great about the event, I decide to treat my stomach something nice and let my camera have it’s joy~

The ieat AGM (Annual General Makan) 2012 event is held at Roland Restaurant, Marine Parade Multistorey Carpark, Level 6.

After walking up 6 floors of stairs (the lift is flooded with people), I finally found the place I have been looking for!


Dr. Leslie Tay’s latest book “Only the Best” is sold at the AGM at special price! 🙂


Sis checked in to four square and taDa~ we realised that this restaurant is actually started in year 1956, and is supposed to be the founder of the famous Singapore chilli crab!!

There you go, we had a 8 courses dinner which mum scorned about, saying with $100 (me and sis each pay $50) the whole family will be able to have a nice meal and some restaurant too.

But she need to see the food to know she is wrong~! 😛

1)Fried Baby Squids 苏东仔


2) Braised Melon Strips with Seafood 海鲜翅瓜盅


3) Braised Sea Cucumber stuffed with Pork 酿海参
I am not a sea cucumber person but the method it’s cook is nice!
The pork is soft and taste like chicken somehow, do not have the ‘pork smell’.  *Yummy*


4) Black Sauce Prawns 酱油虾
I think it was grilled and then processed again, taste nice actually.


5) Crispy Pomegranate Chicken  石榴鸡
I thought this is nice. Crispy and Yummy!


6) Chilli Crabs served with French Loaf 辣椒蟹配尖头面包
I like the fresh crab, find them a bit small but it’s quite nice.
Think the sauce is a bit too light but it perhaps it’s the reason why the french loaf still taste like french loaf :X


7) Seafood Kway Teow 乌白叶粿条
It taste not bad to me, I actually have a second helping of it


8) Teo-Chew Yam Rolls 潮式饭沙芋

*Burp* The food are quite nice to my surprise (actually I wonder why I am surprise? Of course Dr. Tay can’t be holding his AGM in a place with non-tasty food!), and the share is just good enough for us, at least for the females. Sis, Mei Fong and me all agree that we had a great dinner~ *Satisfied*

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