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Upcoming Dhamma Talk: Good? Bad? Who Knows? by Ajahn Brahm

I am so looking forward to the upcoming talk: http://www.eventbrite.sg/e/dhamma-talk-good-bad-who-knows-by-ajahn-brahm-tickets-10016372239?aff=eorg

Sometimes when we think that we have made the right decision, things go awry unexpectedly. There are other times when we thought something bad happened and much good has come out of it. This talk will discuss how we can look into the positives in every situation and count our blessings despite the disappointments we encounter in life.

Well, I was first introduce to Ajahn Brahm by Sze over a youtube video, since then, he became my idol. I like his unconventional thinking and daring speech. Something it makes me ponder if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I guess if you are good in something, even though you did not sugar coat your speech much, people will still be more forgiving towards you…

Recent events makes me realised I need to either (1) master my art of speech, or (2) be good and better be very very good in my job… or rather both. =)

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