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五月工艺 之 福来军 May is crafty month: Soft toy Postcard

Work in progressing 🙂Guess what am I making? Hint: This is definitely not part of a bikini 😛 [Updated on 9th May]Actually I was making a mini soft toy out of the postcard I got from Taiwan last September. Taiwan… Continue Reading →

Keep Calm and …

Since last year, there is a sudden craze on the “Keep calm and blah blah” tagline, which is actually derived from the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster. Keep Calm and Carry On, the original poster According to wikipedia, the… Continue Reading →

Good bye, 2012

It’s the last day of the year 2012.How have you been doing?For me, I think it’s a really long year… or rather, an eventful year.Some of the things make me happy, some not so. But it’s still great to be… Continue Reading →

Happy Time: Dreams come true…

Year 2012 is coming to an end. Today is the 52th Saturday of 2012, time sometimes flies too fast, right? 🙂 Wanted to go cycling but the sky looks: Not positive day for cycling, right? 🙁 So we decided to… Continue Reading →


It was a nice evening and I wish to do something helpful.After work and I need to start another “journey to the West” again, this time, to HSA (Health Sciences Authority). Nice evening sky right? Guess what happens after the… Continue Reading →

Dog tired

CF is dog tired I am dog tired today.By the time I reached home after the movie “The Guillotines”, it was already over midnight. After work today, I need to rush to start my “journey to the west” to run… Continue Reading →

Movie Time: The Guillotines

It’s Boxing Day and I received “two boxes” – let me share with you about them on future posts. Before this, I won a pair of tickets to watch the premium for the Chinese movie The Guillotines (血滴子), on boxing day! The… Continue Reading →

Happy Time: Happy Boxing Day~

Happy Boxing Day! Danbo wishes all a Happy Merry Christmas~ Boxing Day is usually the day following Christmas Day, which is 26th December, however, in most countries, it is the first working day after Christmas. It is believed to got the… Continue Reading →

Happy Time: Merry Christmas!

It’s going to be Christmas in another 1 hour time!CF and her QQ pet – 叉头 (Fork Head) wish all have a Merry Christmas~ This Christmas, I took a lot less photos on the Christmas lighting, but that doesn’t stop… Continue Reading →

Happy Time: Tiger Beer party

It’s “PI” time! 🙂Was invited to Tiger Beer party with Sis by Hong Peng. It is held at Pit Building and once again, it’s my first time going over there. Managed to meet up with Jie Lin & AL, and… Continue Reading →

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