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What makes you happy?

“What makes you happy?”

Have you ever thought of what makes you happy? Some happy get happy easily, and some seem like nothing can make them happy. Unfortunately, I fell into the latter category.

I was posted this simple question yesterday by John Clang when I had my reading done during the “Reading by an Artist” session. I struggled for a while and replied with something which in my heart I felt was quite vague.

Thinking back, I realised I had forgotten how to make myself truly happy. To some, they had been seeing me as an uncontented person who leads a lucky and happy life; to some, they just see me as a “bo-chap” person who doesn’t care much for things in my life. I used to be someone who gets upset easily but gets happy easily too; I used to be someone who laughs as much as I cry.

Somehow, I realised I lost the ability to cry, to the extend that I may seem cold to others, but who knows I also lost the ability to feel happy as easily as in the past. Had I got desensitised?

I want to be happy

The session set me thinking hard, and I realised I want to be happy. I am desperately trying to make myself happy despite the voids in my heart. Don’t ask me how the voids started, as I do not have the answer myself.

Regardless, I refused to be defeated by fate (although I don’t see myself as someone having a strong character).

Project 2023 for me will be working towards a happy person, who worries less and find as much happiness as possible in life.

Will also start my updated, personal version “List of 100” posts to clarify my thoughts and uncover hidden problems I’m interested in.

As for my list, let me think about it before I post it in my later post.

If you have any ideas to share, please feel free to leave me a comment here!

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