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Good bye, 2012

It’s the last day of the year 2012.
How have you been doing?
For me, I think it’s a really long year… or rather, an eventful year.
Some of the things make me happy, some not so. But it’s still great to be able to experience so much in life.
Some of the things I had experienced this year:

  • Went to Cambodia for my first oversea volunteer mission (also first time to Cambodia, first time staying in a hotel room/guesthouse by myself)
  • Accompanied Grandma till her last moment
  • Chase after the Night Festival 2012 for 2 consecutive days
  • Got my first polaroid camera and play with it
  • Went on a cruise trip for the first time
  • Helped out in a wedding shoot for my friends
  • Went to Turf club for the first time
  • Went to Taiwan second time
  • Set up a new blog (actually I had started blogging since 2004, from Blogspot to Friendster to Myspace to WordPress and back to Blogspot, I guess I am one of the few who tried so many different platforms?)
  • Get to take cosplay photos – STGCC 2012 and EOY Cosplay Festival 2012
  • And watched three movies in a week – The hobbit, The Guillotines, Les Misérables, on my 52th week of 2012

Guess what, on the day before last day of the year, I get to read a blog by Kimberly Hogan: thanks to a swap on
I think she is really a very wise lady, and a strong one. on her post she written about her illness, sharing that sometimes we need to be care of what we wish for – referring for her wish of not working and now it’s fulfilled due to her sickness. Suddenly I realised all along I have make a big mistake (sorry for being so slow). =) Instead of wishing for not needing to work, I guess I should wish for working on something I like/love, so I will not be working. Perhaps by then I can comment the same thing as what EA had told me ‘It is very fun’ when I spoke about my job. 🙂

I am actually looking forward to 2013.
Hope to get the answers what has been not answered and found the answer that I do not know. Most importantly, live forward, and make as little regrets as I can.

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