Happy Time: Dreams come true…

Year 2012 is coming to an end.
Today is the 52th Saturday of 2012, time sometimes flies too fast, right? 🙂

Wanted to go cycling but the sky looks:

Not positive day for cycling, right? 🙁

So we decided to end my week with another movie I had longed to watch – Les Misérables. This is my third movie of the week, G joked at me saying I was having a movie marathon week~

While waiting for the show… tried black sesame mixed walnut paste at DessertStory@Century Square

At DessertStory@Century Square, I ordered the mixed paste dessert, and there are four pastes for me to choose from – Almond, Black sesame, Peanut, Walnut. Guess what? I asked the servers if I can mixed all four, they got a shock and say ‘Cannot lah, the taste will be so weird,’. After they rejected my request, one of the lady started thinking aloud and mumbler to herself ‘The taste must be very weird, don’t know how it will taste like, maybe I should try also… maybe I should try someday…’ LOL!!

First time I ever wish a show have trilogy.

I felt like I was watching the musical, except with less limitation than one on stage. Like it. But find it too ‘short’ as a lot of details which I expected it to explain the flow of the story was missed out? (G think otherwise, lol. He thought it’s too draggy and feel like is over 3 hours show.) I think one who don’t have at least a bit of background understand of the story will a lot of portion does not make sense most of the time. And I personally think the make up of  some of the actresses/actors, too overdone for a movie. I am sure this can be filmed better but I like it anyway. 😛

It’s always my dream to watch this musical but I missed it years ago and it will not be coming to Singapore anymore. Glad I finally fulfilled my dream in a way? 🙂

Favourite meal combination from Kim Gary

After the show we decide to go Kim Gary. Finally fulfilled my craving of eating luncheon meat after so many days. ^_^

See, dreams come true!~ Just get yourself some realistic one, and start from small 😛

Enjoyed my last Saturday of 2012.

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  1. This looks Yummy!!!

  2. Thanks Kimberly 🙂

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