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Happy Time: Tiger Beer party

It’s “PI” time! 🙂
Was invited to Tiger Beer party with Sis by Hong Peng.

It is held at Pit Building and once again, it’s my first time going over there.

Managed to meet up with Jie Lin & AL, and Phewtick before they left. 🙂 They had a long day after running around Singapore thus need to go back and rest early 🙁

At the entrance… all guests are greet by the big tiger signboard 🙂


This shiny band is the key to freeflow of tiger beer for being a good  girl this year 😛


[Left to right] HP. me and sis
We got stomped!!! Luckily it’s not under the wrong section.  🙂

p/s: In case you wonder why it’s “PI” time, it’s because in the Movie “Life of PI”, the tiger is actually PI. =)

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  1. Hi, do you have a bottle opener that I can borrow? ><

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