Movie Time: The Guillotines

It’s Boxing Day and I received “two boxes” – let me share with you about them on future posts.

Before this, I won a pair of tickets to watch the premium for the Chinese movie The Guillotines (血滴子), on boxing day!

The queue is not too crowded perhaps since the show is starting late so all are relax and no pushing and shoveling 😛

The official release date for the movie is on 27th December 2012 in Singapore.
It is a show directored by Andrew Lau and casted by Ethan Ruan Jing-Tian, Huang Xiaoming, Li Yuchun, Shawn Yue, Wang Luo Dan.

I finally got my tickets! And I will be sitting on the front 3rd row T__T

The premium is supposed to start at 9pm, since I was still early, I decided to went to take some more Christmas tree photos:

Taken at Vivo City

You can find the synopsis here:

Love the handsome hunks in the show. They are cool. Sorry I sound such a bimbo this round. Personally, I find the story line of the show too loose, and over-abused the animation effects. A lot of things does not make sense to me, but alas, it’s just a movie, not news~! Sis think the show might be better watched with 3D, but I thought it doesn’t really worth the 3D price for those who doesn’t really know how to appreciate the 3D effects. But I need to praise the design of the weapons, and the fighting scene are quite excited.

Anyway, due to the fact that we are sitting so near to the screen and speakers, I thought sis and I have our maximum audio and visual effect 😛

Along the show, I suddenly have a thought: somehow all the shows I get to watch recently revolve around stories of struggling to survive and survival of fittest? From Life of PI to Back to 1942 to The Guillotines?

Maybe someone up there is hinting me: life might be tough, but stay strong anyway! Two more days to weekend 🙂

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