It was a nice evening and I wish to do something helpful.
After work and I need to start another “journey to the West” again, this time, to HSA (Health Sciences Authority).

Nice evening sky right?

Guess what happens after the 20 minutes wait from walk-in to verification to doctor pre-examination and blood test?

I got rejected again.
Was hoping I can fulfill my last wish (in 2012) to donate blood… but 🙁

残念ね~ (It’s so regrettable)

I was given this pamphlet to learn more about the low iron issue.

Something to share from the pamphlet:

  • Haemoglobin is a specialized protein in red blood cells that contain oxygen to the tissues and return carbon dioxide from tissues to lungs. Each haemoglobin molecule contains four haem(iron groups). Iron is essential for the manufacture of haemoglobin and for the transport of oxygen.
  • The average diet contains roughly 10mg-12mg of iron per day of which about 10% is absorbed.
  • The acceptable haemoglobin level for blood donors in Singapore is 12.5mg/dL.

This incident added another task in my 2013 resolution list: able to donate blood again. I was a repeated blood donor but somehow this year I can’t donate due to low heamoglobin and my travel to Cambodia. 🙁

Guess I need to adjust my lifestyle a bit in order to fulfill my wishes in 2013.

For people who are staying in Singapore, you can always get more information from the HSA or Singapore Red Cross. You can check the schedule, and if possible, make an e-Appointment before you drop by to donate blood. If the locations are too inconvenient for you, you can also consider donating blood through the Bloodmobiles, Kudos to the staff and doctors, and nurses who actually need to travel around Singapore in order to make blood donations more accessible to most.

Thanks on behalf of those who benefit from your kind donation and hope we all can stay healthy for the coming year 2013~ ^_^/

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  1. I am not allowed to donate blood at all. I am a cancer survivor. Due to that, I am not allowed to give. My son Jake donates every 6 months I believe.
    Good luck your next go around. Eat lots of Iron rich foods and you'll pass your test.

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