It’s been a long time since I last slept before 11pm, in fact, yesterday night, I slept even before Kpo Kia did, likely around 9+pm, although I did wake up a couple of times in between to check on her, and attempt to pull my tired body up from the bed.

I was woken up by a nightmare that I lost my cheapo bag in an auditorium for my school event(? at this age?) in a presumed premium place like Sentosa in Singapore. I dreamt that I found my cheapo black bag was lost and search high and low through the whole auditorium, was talking to myself aloud why would anyone even steal such a bag which don’t worth much, before remembering that the wallet inside was loaded with a bit of cash which I recently got from the Ang Baos. I got so panic searching for the bag that I ended up awake!

Lessons of this dream:

  • Do not bring along a black bag that I myself have problem identifying it (I need something unique on it to confirm it’s mine)
  • Do not leave wallet inside my bag, while I am away from the bag (this is more important!)

Yesterday new cases: 517

Today new cases: 261

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