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My hand is swollen.

Overstrained it during bread-making, LOL! What a joke, right? Well, there’s always some silly people who put in double the effort, and only get the minimal result, guess I am one of them.

It was only after I wasted a lot of time, hopelessly thought that I can knead the dough back to normal and ached my arms, that I started to put down my pride and asked around on how I can fix the bread…

Some background, I attempted dinner roll bread not too long ago (my first attempt in bread making), but found it too ‘tough’, unlike those fluffy bread I can get from confectionaries. So I do some searching online and found that ‘Tangzhong’ bread might be the answer for my soft and fluffy bread. Watched a few videos online, and it seems just slightly more tedious – need to prepare Tangzhong, and wait for it to cool down. Other than that, it seems ‘easy peasy’ like dinner bread. So I attempted to knead the bread dough like the Youtube video I watched and realized it was super sticky!

Since I am not using a digital kitchen scale, and the analog scale minimal rounding is 25grams, a lot of time I make use of the ‘agar-agar’ measurement for the indigents, as such, I am not sure if it’s just the way I handle the dough, or the wrong measurement, contribute to the failure of fluffy bread.

As I was looking at my aching arm, I realised that I had been always been overstraining myself in my life. Not achieving what I had wanted, in relative of the effort I had put in, upsets me.

Probably I should rethink of how I want to live my life.



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