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Finally… it’s sleeping time again

She looks so angelic when she is sleeping, right? *Yawn**Scratching head**Yawn*Finally, it’s sleeping time again, hers, not mine.I used to easily spent an hour or two to make her sleep, and that usually comes with a lot of struggle, frustration,… Continue Reading →

Sleeping time…

I need to sleep before 11pm But I reached home already 8-9pm le wor…. after shower, dinner, and relax a bit, it’s 1am earliest 🙁

旺福 大睡之歌 (Won Fu – Sleeping Song)

I also want to sleep non stop!~我也想大睡!~ 大睡之歌 詞/曲:姚小民導演 Director/插畫 Illustration:彎彎 Wan Wan動畫 Animation:曹書睿 一天結束了 現在要去睡覺有一些煩惱 怎麼都甩不掉洗個熱水澡 精神反而更好只能說糟糕 我明天完蛋了 阿綿羊綿羊一直叫在我的腦袋奔跑等到他們都累了mother太陽卻出來了 可不可以 可不可以 讓我直接昏倒我要睡覺 我要睡覺 八個小時就好可不可以 可不可以 我委屈一點六小時就好 救命救命 救命救命 我被棉被綁票別來救我 別來救我 我現在過的很好我要睡覺 我要睡覺 再一下下下下下就好 Illustrated by my favourite blog artist… Continue Reading →

Sleep like a baby

Used to like to say I want to sleep like a baby, now I know why I constantly lack of sleep… babies wake up every few hours for milk! =.=”

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