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Throwback: Babymoon @ Banyan Tree Ungasan Bali – Day 2

It’s G’s actual birthday on our second day in Bali~ I’m so happy and fortunate to be with someone like him.

Since it’s a R&R trip for us (actually is preggy me can’t do much!), we didn’t do much other than ‘nua’ (singlish terms for laze around).

Went for our breakfast and WOW! They have quite a decent variety, and best of all, majority of the food taste quite yummy.

Breakfast buffet @ Bambu!



Breakfast buffet @ Bambu! Learning about cheese…


Love the tea… and they actually provide a range of ‘topping’ for us to add to our tea.




Pretty like the scramble egg… though it’s not very cooked, and preggy then me is not supposed to eat ‘half-cooked’ food

The resort provide some paid and free activities, but unfortunately for us, most aren’t preggy friendly. We decided to get our 15mins “Neck & Shoulder massage” after our breakfast. It’s stated that the meeting point is at the main pool – which is around our breakfast area, so we just hang around after breakfast.

While waiting, must take photo of the nice scenery around us~
So wish I wasn’t preggy when I was here so I can lay in the “boat” for a suntan
Act cute before the real cutie arrived in our life

Although we were told that the activity is “quite popular”, we didn’t get to see much people around the pool, so we checked with one of the staff beside the pool. He seem quite taken aback and asked us to hang around to wait for the masseuse, After waiting for another 30 minutes or so, till most of the guest left the pool area, we decided to check again but was told that the meeting point is at the pool of the spa area instead *angry*. Luckily there were buggy everywhere and we board the buggy to the spa pool.

Niew view around our actual free massage area


G enjoying head and shoulder massage

Our masseuse is very friendly and chatty, she shared with us that she need to travel few hours by bike everyday to work, but for the sake of her family, she have no complaints about it.

After the free massage, we head back to our villa to enjoy ourselves.
We relax a while in our mini personal Jacuzzi pool and G went to swim in the personal swimming pool. It’s small but pretty deep for me (above waist is ‘deep’ to me, LOL!).

G enjoying his swim in the personal pool. It’s small. But at least he no need to ‘fight’ with others

*Nua Nua* *Relax Relax*

Everyday the room will be topped up with “fruits of the day” – we didn’t eat most of them though


The villa is very spacious for the 2 of us


I got to rot here for 5 minutes…


Everyday we will have a different fragrant in the room


Danbo is enjoying his suntan on my then soon-to-be-popped cutie


Close to nature….so we have the incy wincy spider visiting us

Since we still have a massage appointment at 4.30pm, we quickly book a buggy before we wash up for the spa.

While waiting for the room to be set up for our massage


Nice view outside the massage area

The massage is good and we enjoy ourselves a lot. Although it’s not the first time I massage with another person in the same room, I still feel a bit awkward… especially when there are monkeys outside of the room and we were only separated with some full length glass windows~

We are separated with these ‘audience’ by some full length glass windows


After massage, we were served with tea and fruits to refresh ourselves

After massage, we went for our fine-dining dinner at Ju-ma-na. Previously I had tried to find out some review on the restaurant and I burst out laughing when I read from one of the blog article that it’s like ‘eating USD’. Haha… think it’s a french fushion restaurant but I am quite reserved in my taste so I was pretty worried if I can get any food… finally I decided that since it’s G’s birthday (and he already sponsor me the babymoon trip), thus he should deserve at least a nice dinner treat.

As we are sitting outdoor in the dark night, reading lights are given for us to read the menu…

We were a bit shock when we stepped into the restaurant as there wasn’t much people… we came in quite late, around 8pm so guessed most of the guest had went out for dinner or chill? Frankly speaking I don’t quite understand the menu so we decided on some simple dish (at least dishes with name which we guess we understand). Understanding that ‘fine-dining’ usually means the food comes in small portion so kiasu us ordered appertiser and desserts so we won’t stepped out of the restaurant feeling hungry.

Every table have one stalk of lily flower – one of my favourite flowers


We were shocked when this is served to us. It’s not part of our orders!

Guess what? We were surprised with complimentary food in between the dishes (to compensate us for the waiting time between each dish?). The servers patiently explain to us on what was served and the best approach to savour them – I AM IMPRESSED… felt #LikeAQueen. I still have a long way to learn on how to appreciate fine dining.

Our appetizers dish – Grilled water prawn (290,000 rupiah), ordered by us


Another complimentary dessert – the refreshing lime sorbet is supposed to help us “flush” away the taste of the food previously eaten


My order – Free Range Yellow Chicken Breast (255,000 rupiah)


The giant pepper dispenser!


His main – Ju-ma-na Seafood Risotto (450,000 rupiah)


lé chocolate mousse (150,000 rupiah)


le chocolate and le agrumes (150,000 rupiah) – pardon me for the poor photo taken, the sky is really dark by the time this is served and clumsy then preggy me is very tired. as well..

After our dessert, we were once again surprised… with a birthday cake (not a slice!) and a team of singing servers who brought us the cake while singing the Happy Birthday song. *Blush* Although I’m not the birthday boy, I still feel a bit shy with the attention we received. The cake is yummy!!! The coconut chocolate cake is very rich and filling, and we can’t finished it~ It’s too wasteful to throw away the delicious cake so we packed it back to the villa, but the plate to place our precious leftover cake is too big, and can’t fit into our mini little bar fridge! So we troubled the resort reception to help us keep the cake for us to enjoy the next day.

Had a great day when we feel like a king and queen. *Yawn* Good night, Bali~

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