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Throwback: Babymoon @ Banyan Tree Ungasan Bali – Day 3 & 4

As usual, after lazy preggy wake up, we quickly wash up and eagerly went for our breakfast~ The menu is similar so we sort of decided what to try already.       As the resort is quite a distance… Continue Reading →

Throwback: Babymoon @ Banyan Tree Ungasan Bali – Day 2

It’s G’s actual birthday on our second day in Bali~ I’m so happy and fortunate to be with someone like him. Since it’s a R&R trip for us (actually is preggy me can’t do much!), we didn’t do much other… Continue Reading →

Throwback: Babymoon @ Banyan Tree Ungasan Bali – Day 1

This is a very backdated post but I just want to capture the memories before I totally forgotten all about it. Upon knowing about my pregnancy, I guess one of the regrets is I had hold back a few travel… Continue Reading →

Ideal world Vs Reality

From pregnancy to delivery to taking care of the little Princess, I get to experienced the reality which is so much different from the ideal world. How I wish I can share more, now, but it’s a bit challenging to… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Journal: Waiting Game

Have started my maternity leave much earlier than EDD as I wish to have a break from the crowded peak hour train, and I thought she might like to come out earlier… but then… sometimes planning is just planning… she… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Journal: Is it too late?

While waiting for some signs… my mind starts to wonder and think of the thousands things I should do before my dear pops out…Is it too late to look for newborn photography package now… 🙁 Image credit: Flickr (Oli Young)

Good News for Jubilee Babies… and the future SG babies

Just when we are stressing over the scary hospital bill… Good news are announced. Image source: Channel NewsAsia Initially we are entitled for SGD$6000 of baby bonus for our first “Singapore citizen baby” as this is the amount of baby… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Journal: Child-Birth Educational Course

And so the kiasu first time parents decided to take up the parenting course from Thomson ParentCraft Centre. Initially we want to book the lesson conducted by the famous ‘baby whisperer’ – Mrs Wong Boh Boi, but since we book the… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Journal: Old wife tales about pregnancy

Before I got pregnant, I was already filled with loads of old wife tales about pregnancy.After I know I am pregnant, I begin to do my own research on more old wife tale, hopefully can help myself to learn which… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Journal: Sharings on the stretch marks creams I used

And so I have been a walking cocoa butter for the past few months.I have now switched to Mustela now… Let me share my experience with the 3 type of stretch mark cream till date. Note that I still can’t escape the… Continue Reading →

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