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Unplug Dinner @ The Manhattan FISH MARKET

It’s another tiring day at work and what’s better than having a nice dinner to reward myself after the long day?

G met me at The Manhattan FISH MARKET @ Junction 8 for dinner and we found a very interesting box on the table:

What is this unplug box on the table?

Checking with one of the servers on the unplug box and we were told it’s actually a challenge from the restaurant. The box is meant for us to put our phone inside so we can ‘disconnect‘ from our mobile phone and ‘connect‘ with our friends and family sitting at the table. In case you are not aware, in Singapore, the most common sight NOW with a table full of people sitting and looking at their mobile phones and tablets while waiting for their food.

If we take up the challenge, all we need to do it to put our phone inside the box with one of the servers as witness and leave it inside throughout the meal, end of the meal, we can get a reward for being ‘disconnect to connect’…

G have a good laugh when he go through the list and said there is no doubt I am an e-addict


There’s even topics to help us ‘connect’ on the box…
I guess they are afraid we had been ‘plug’ for too long and lost of topics?
But G refused to talk to me his favourite childhood memories!

Oh yeah… I was hoping to enjoy the 1 For 1 Fish ‘n Chips Cherry Snapper promotion but I can’t find the sign anywhere so I guess it’s only applicable for lunch? Ordered a Norwegian Redfish With Mushroom Sauce meal instead… I like mushroom and fish combi 😛

Mushroom soup that comes with my set. Nice…. 😛


Norwegian Redfish With Mushroom Sauce @ SGD$17.88, the fish is nice but G says the ‘fish smell’ is a bit obvious 🙁


Grilled Dory Fillet (Lite) @ SGD$10.95


After finishing our dinner and etc, time to ask the friendly Sea-cret Agents for the pledge to unplug!

Unfortunately, the first server gave me a blank look and walk away when I told him ‘I wish to take my pledge!’, we thought I spoke too soft so G helped me to ask the supervisor instead. But the answer is sort of disappointing when we were told that they are ‘not sure of the pledge’ but they will still proceed to rewards us.

I secretly hope the staffs at the restaurants are better aware of the promotions going on in the store other than just be good at their job, like the idea of the unplug box but the fun is only halved when we can’t complete the pledge 🙁

Regardless, we got our reward!!

Just in case you wonder why I still managed to take the photos, haha, it’s because G is the one taking up the challenge! I need my camera phone to keep snapping photos! But since he is taking up the challenge, I feel a bit bad to use my mobile other than taking photos, so I guess the objective is more or less achieved, for our tables~

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