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Frozen on a Halloween Night

There was a time when Halloween is a day when we are thinking of where to go and have fun, this year, I have settle for something that is not as ‘scary’, or so I thought.

Own a pair of tickets “Frozen”, not the Walt Disney 3D animation, but the play presented by Pangdemonium – written by Bryony Lavery.

The play is starred by Janice Koh, Karen Tan, and Adrian Pang

The story starts with 10-year-old Rhona goes missing – causing her mother Nancy (Karen Tan) to retreats into a state of frozen hope for the next twenty years.

Agnetha (Janice Koh) is playing a pioneering psychiatrist with a controversial theory on serial killers.

Ralph (Adrian Pang) is a loner with a fractured history and a deadly obsession.

These three individuals is drawn together by a horrific circumstance, embark upon a tangled, twisted journey, uncovering one another’s skeletons and ghosts along the way, before finally finding the light.

“Frozen” is a shocking, searing and ultimately sensitive study of the fragile human psyche, and the
meaning of retribution, survival and hope.

There’s no need to guess that Ralph had murdered Rhona, and he is the series killer. But as the story unfold, I can’t help feeling sad for him – although he is ‘damaged’ since young as he got abused by his parents, he can’t bring himself to face the reality and been lying that he have a great childhood.

I love the twist (actually quite a few of us have guessed the answer), and what Nancy told Agnetha regarding her sin – live with it. She can forgive Ralph’s horrible ‘a crime of illness‘, but she cannot accept Agnetha’s ‘a crime of evil’ and condemn her, thinking she deserved to stay in her jail in life forever.

The play actually sends chills down my spine than any other Halloween performance, how human nature is presented, and reminded on the different sin and the sinner around us.

Like the play and the hidden messages:

  • There had been a lot of research that shows childhood abuse contributes to the likelihood of depression, anxiety disorders, addictions, personality disorders. In the story, Ralph is one of the sinner, but also a victim. Shall someone helped him in his childhood, he might not have to go through this path.
  • A sin can be committed as an act of illness or an act of mind. Finding excuse will not release you from your own jail.

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