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Let the Flames Begin – The Spicy Faceoff ~

Thanks omy.sg for inviting me to the McDonald’s – The Spicy Faceoff event.

I am invited to a top secret ‘The Spicy Faceoff’ food tasting session!~
The poster looks like the one The Hunger Game… scary, do I need to kill to eat?

Was sort of shock when I see that the private event occupied such an big area till I was told that some facebook fans are invited to the event as well… hesitate no more, join McDonald’s Facebook fan page and you can eat without blogging~ 😛

This round McDonald is going to introduce quite a few new menu items (for a limited time only) from 18th April onwards:

    1. Lychee McFizz(tm)
    2. Citrus Thai Shaker Fries
    3. Double Black Pepper Flamer Burger
    4. Double McSpicy Burger

 New menu items!

Didn’t have a proper lunch earlier on so I was starving when I reached but we cannot get into the hunger game till the manager finished briefing!

Bloggers enjoying the the new drinks & shakers while listening to the manager’s speech

I was super delighted when I see the shaker fries, yah… so far I almost like all the shaker fries flavours and that’s the only time when I will forget my diet and upsize my meal just for the friesssssssss~ The new shaker flavour – Citrus Thai taste like Tom Yum and they are YUMMY~ Can’t stop eating them like a fries addict.

New Shaker flavour ! The Citrus Thai shaker fries (a la carte @ SGD $2.75) taste like tom yum <3


Angie’s new way of eating shaker fries… 😛

They actually got two models to act as the chefs of the two burgers and have a ‘fight’ to argue who produce the better burger and it is quite entertaining~

The staff is so patient holding on to the burgers with a smile…
can tell she is trying hard not to tremble from the heavy weight burgers


New Lychee Fizz (a la carte @ SGD $2.40) & New Black Pepper (meal from SGD$6.30)

The Lychee Fizz is quite nice, not too sweet and not too dilute. CF likes <3 🙂
Worth to give it a try!

Black Pepper Flamer – Like the soft bread…

Personally like the black pepper. Don’t think it is spicy actually though… the cornmeal dusted buns are really soft, just that I got a bit messy as the cornmeal keep snowing on my bag instead of inside my mouth.

New McSpicy Vs New Black Pepper Flamer


The McSpicy is SPICY HOT … at least to me…

The New McSpicy is SPICY HOT! Not for weak stomach fellows like me who can’t really take spicy food. But ‘SHIOK’… I can feel that I can spout out fire anytime~ I will take it when I need destress :X

Yandao ‘chef’ holding his winning McSpicy burger with award winning smile 🙂

Mr McSpicy seems very confident that he will win.. even way before we started voting.

Which burger did I vote for?

Obviously right?
As I mentioned, I am not someone who can take spicy food well.

How can I not take photos with the two yandao ‘chefs’


Group photo time!


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  1. Looks yummy. I would like to try the Black Pepper Flamer. The bread look soft and fluffy.

  2. Black Pepper Flamer is nice! and it is BIG~

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